The Melting Tool

This may be an impossible tool, but I’m just gonna throw this out there.
What if there was a tool/weapon that turned any prop into a ragdoll.
The way this would be done: If the selected item is a prop, ever square inch of the prop would turn into a bone, and would be able to bend and be manipulated like the hl2 matress.
This could be used in many ways, such as RP’s, TTT, and Sandbox.
Simple idea.
Thanks for reading

I don’t think this is possible to do, but I could be wrong.

Sounds more like a rubberization tool.
I am reminded of this Havok physics demo:

dat cloth physics.

i dont think its possible unless you take all the props in garrysmod and make a ragdoll version of them and just make the model change it into the ragdoll version.