The memory at 0x######## referenced to 0x######## could not be "read"

I need some help here. I did exactly what steam support said and closed every window in the backround, but my game is still acting like an Evil mingebag, Knows what it is supposed to be doing but it refuses to. Any more help here? I closed every backround program window,taskbar, service and all that bullcrap.

Sounds like a windows error and not a game error. Is your dot net up-to-date?
This type of error is common when dot net isn’t installed or is out of date.

This is indede a steam error. This is the only fix I’ve found:

  1. Restart steam
  2. Reinstall the game
  3. Restart your computer

I just got a bluescreen and installed a driver that could support Direct X 9.0c because I got the screen because my card couldn’t support it and this problem is not a blue screen error, it’s a window. I’m not a tech person, so what is dot net and how do I update it?