The mentality in the testing is horrible

I’ve been testing quite a few games in the past, yet I have yet to come across these kind of testers which exists in RUST.

Normally when you find a glitch, a bug or an exploit; you write it down, you send it to the devs and the devs will work it out in time - that should be it.

Instead in RUST it goes in different ways depending on which person actually finds the glitch.

I’ve seen cases where people has litteraly just been keeping glitches and exploits secret and abusing them at their own liking. - Secret meant in this sentence as a secret to the devs.
Recently there has also been a lot of talking about “who found things first” and who should “get credit”. - Alpha testing is not a fame contest, no testing is.

Personally what I find the worst, are the people who are making guides on how to perform game breaking glitches and even how to exploit them even further.

  • I do realise that it might have been stated before that nothing has to “be in the dark”, but the spreading of game breaking bugs should be between the finders and devs only in my opinion.

I just wish all of you testers would just Wake the f up and start testing and reporting instead of breaking and destroying.

RUST is definitely one of the best games I’ve played so far and it has huge potential. I am looking forward to the full release, where major bugs have been fixed and this testing mentality and huge amounts of butthurt people will just fade into the past.

TLDR; Props to Pat, Garry & Helk - Keep up the really good work. Rant to 90% of the testers, start testing and reporting, not breaking and destroying.

You have to understand there is alot of pvp competition in this game and people tend to keep secrets like that to themselfs because it gives them upper hand. Furthermore its not like devs are encouraging us to post glitches which they cant be bothered to fix e.g. n-stepping been reported all over place but they just ignored it, dupping was talked about long before the explosion of these guides but no one listened. I rather prefer that people post of forums and let everyone know this way everyone is on equal ground till they take their sweet time to fix stuff like this because they cant then just dismiss it doesnt exist So not only french people can n-stepp but everyone else too.

While I totally agree with most of what you’ve said, “breaking” and “destroying” the game are two different things. This game needs to be broken where it falls short for the game to develop and become a more stable and rounded product. However destroying the game by using these exploits to shit on the enjoyment of others is where the problems currently lie.

Let’s hope in the future duping will be reported faster and fixed sooner so that a rollback is a decent option. At least the game is playable when duping isn’t available.

Dupping is one thing but then there is also n-stepping…And health macro spams…

This is my exact example of a bad tester - these kind of testers does not belong in any sorts of game tests what so ever.

Since when does two wrongs make a right? - The devs do listen - Have you not seen them fix all the others things that has been reported? Let me tell you that most of these issues were already told to the devs before they went viral.

I think you’re the one that needs to understand that fixing these kind of issues is not as easy as posting them.

I completely agree bugs should be reported from the tester to the dev’s. Unfortunately it comes down to simple ethics if you find a bug “What do you do?” Tell only your friends and use it as an unfair advantage for as long possible until someone honest exposes it??

Well from my experience i see many of the Top Bug Reporters, Find a glitch or exploit and only use it for themselves and tell no one else until the question gets exposed…

This link Proves my point in full:

Just because a bug is reported doesn’t mean that it’ll be fixed right THEN AND THERE. There is a way in which development takes place and these reports are certainly not ignored. If you’ve even read any of posts, there is specific mention of looking into this or that and remember that it isn’t always as easy as… ‘lets change that 1 to a 0 and… fixed!’

Have a bit of patience.

I think your the one that was using glitches and keeping stuff to yourself and now you upset that it has leaked to other people…

The matter of how soon it get fixed is not an issue. - The manner of people not reporting or making them get viral are the real issue. - Even making other ways to exploit the glitch.

Smashingly amazing how bent over people get trying to be number one :slight_smile:

Bando the epic lier try to communicate with us x) Nevermind, Of course there is so many kids in the game (French, American, English etc…) But that’s the same in any game. They don’t understand why they’re here. When the dupe is here, They abuse. When any bug is on the server, they abuse too. But remember, In your team, Bando, There is one person who abuse too. And we all know who’s.

PS : Sorry for my bad english.

If developers would actually make simple system of reporting bugs like many other games have I am sure people would bother. Just make in game submission form it doesnt take genius to make that… That would be first step forward…

To tell you the truth - I have known of dupes before they went viral - yet I have not spread them no.

As soon as I learned how they were perfomed I have however reported them every single time. - I can even take screenshots of me PM’ing devs back when duping was more subtle.

So no I am not to keep these things to myself in this way - I want to share them with the devs and then never use or speak of them again.

Ok you reported it but that doesnt mean you stopped duping I bet you build your house from dupe :wink:

No idea what you mean by the first part.

If you are pointing to Rama, I am going to cry out in laughter. - It’s pathetic how many times you french guys have been trying to frame us for duping back when you had your villages and duping went viral one of the first times.

On that I totally agree!

Okay, I’m still not sure what you’re trying here. On most occassions you can see me obtain everything I get within the game.

Yesterday when all these glitches went viral all at once, yes we built a massive house, yes it was a dupe. - However we were told that everything was going to get wiped now anyway - so why try to run around with glitched inventories and people duping charges, when you can just have some fun and try to build a major house at Hangar? - It was hillarious.

But no, I did not abuse the dupe back when the thing was not viral. To be honest a lot of people knew about these things before me and most of them had already tried to report it aswell, except for some people “the bad testers”.

Like you said they TRIED reporting but no one took them seriously now it got to point someone needs to take them seriously because everyone is doing it and they have no choice but to address the issue thanks to viral outbreak yesterday. Lets just hope there is lesson in all this and people will actually start reporting shit like this more often and devs will actually work on these issues instead of just waiting for such viral outbreaks… Its alpha I rather it happens now then when game is full release…

You know, No one of my team dupe. That’s all. We don’t have a big village, We just have like 5 houses. The dupe bug is back on the server. And again, No one in my team use it. Well that’s not the question. We’ve somes screenshot and vidéos of your team when the first dupe bug is on the server, You can’t deny it. Maybe Rama said " No bro’ i never dupe ". But… We don’t care. And again, French are not the only one who usebug. Just remember this and don’t blame French again.

Yes we are all hard working people, with a lot of people in our clan we never abuse any system and all those fortresses we build is because we gather in teams and pick axe one rock with 20 people and get 10000 metal from one rock. We are very dedicated players that are online 24 hours we dont sleep because we are french and better players then you! HA