The Merchant

Hey, Im wondering if anyone can take the time out of their busy schedule and make a playermodel of everyones favorite Resident Evil 4 character, the Merchant!
Here is a link to a ragdoll I found that could be helpfull.

Also heres a soundboard.

Not a bad model, could be used for alot of things.
I support this idea.

If someone made a decent-looking playermodel of the Merchant, I’d buy it at a high price. :smug:

Yeah he would be good in RP games too as a merchant skin.

Well there is a rigged merchant player in Gmod Tower. All you would need to do is make a player LUA file for him and that’s it

Anyone know how to do that?

well, obviously he does

but at the moment…he cant

All you or someone who knows how need to do is add this to a LUA. Of course, you will need the Gmod Tower pack

if ( SERVER ) then
player_manager.AddValidModel( "RE4 Merchant", "Models/gmod_tower/merchant.mdl" );

AddCSLuaFile( 'assassin.lua' ) ;

list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", "RE4 Merchant", "Models/gmod_tower/" );


6000 post :smiley:

So it doesnt seem to be that hard apparently. Anyone who knows what they are doing wanna take a crack at this?

Could someone, link me to that Gmod Tower pack? That model looks neat.


Nevermind I founded it :stuck_out_tongue: