The META from Red VS Blue

A model of this guy would be amazing, anyone think they could make it?

I’m pretty sure the Halo 3 models pack includes the right variations for it. Maybe not the colors, but I’m sure it has the helmet/body combo.

lol, I loved when this guy slow-mo punched doc into a wall, making him get stuck.

If we’re going around asking for RvB characters then I request Caboose. :colbert:

You might need a reskin for the Meta, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the cast is already there.

Oh, awesome. Forgot about that pack.

Thank you.

No problem.

Actually, new request then, can some one fix the hands on those models?

What’s wrong with the hands?


Hey, I have 3 more posts then you.

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The hands are all stretched and shit, the thumb on the one hand is like, stretched to the elbow.