The Metro

Yes, I photoshopped almost all of these. The model is a ported(From Fallout:New Vegas) & rigged one however(and was posed on Garry’s Mod), one I created a while back. I would supply the link, however appears down at the moment for me, giving me a 500 internal server error.

As I walked through the tunnel, I dropped down a green flare. The flare hitting the ground, the smell of magnesium traveling through my nostrils. I slowly climbed down the ladder, my single-shot tense in my right hand. I would have gagged from the smell of the frozen sewage, however eventually I gained a tolerance for it. I began to walk, for hours until I came across a smaller vent. I climbed up a manhole, finding myself in a maintenance room. I hesitantly climbed the ladder, the area clear. I opened the door, raising my handgun, looking down the long; dark metro tunnel. Endless, perhaps the darkness representing death.

I raised the handgun, continuing on quietly. I rested for a few hours among the darkness of the tunnels.
Eventually, after I woke up, I found a Metro Station. It’s my new home. A new beginning, whatever you wish to call it. The nights get cold here, but the warm friendships & chatter, actually create a rather tranquil feel.

This is my second posing post, did a little bit more Photoshop in this one.

I like the editing, though some of the posing looks a bit stiff, like in the first screenshot.

It was meant to look like he’s off balance, loosing his footing a little.

And with the last one, the character is ICly fairly short.

Could you upload the last one in a higher resolution?

It’s a pretty low resolution model, looks like crap at high res.

You did a good job utilizing the maps on the first two, but the third where you Photoshopped him into the game looks pretty shitty. Not because of colors or anything, but because he’s very clearly walking inot that guy for no reason.

Also, although it’s a minor thing, that music did not match AT ALL.

this is fuckin funny as fuc

Thank you for your input; however if it wasn’t obvious enough to you, he was speaking to the man.

Is the third one from Metro 2033?

Looking at it closer, I think it’s just a screenshot from Metro 2033.

So you didn’t do shit apart from posting that guy into some pictures you found on google.