The Metropolice and the Fighting Machine

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Thank you guys for the criticism. I think this version is much better.
The heavy motion blur is my failed attempt to make a disintegration / turning-into-powder-shit effect.

Original terribly edited one so the first five replies make sense:

christ that laser beam looks bad
and the chromatic abberation

I know.
I don’t know what I was thinking.

I’m going to re-edit it right now and make it not suck.

use the “Screen” blend mode if Photoshop has one

also, add glow

also, the heat-ray is supposed to p. much blow up the target (the heat instantly cooks whatever water and moisture is in the whatever biological thing is at the other end of the beam, causing it to blow up while also setting everything on fire) in a mass of flames. it’s not a laser beam that melts a clean hole through things

the lighting is also bland and rather uninteresting, and why isn’t the ray casting any light on the tripod?

All good points. Thank you.

That 3D filter, hurts my eyes, other than that great work.

Re-edited and re-uploaded.

looks better even tho the effect on the cop makes the beam look like a traditional Zap You’re Gone death ray

I was trying for that actually.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I’m looking at green eyes on the machine and I can’t help but think it’ll someday have Postals ass photoshoped there.

why does everyone see ass or tits everywhere

they’re just giant compound eyes. not sure how well it fits into the story tho because the martian machines were supposed to have rotating, head-like cockpits

Because it sort of fits?

They’re actually made to resemble the frontal lobe of the brain, not someone’s ass.

he’s probably just started recovering from the physical and mental trauma that we all know as puberty

Those models always reminded me of “Power Girl” for some reason…

Oh, that’s why.

actually in the novel, specifically in the curate chapters, Wells describes how the heat ray leaves “the trunks and heads horribly burnt, but boots and legs intact”, i’d say that despite the heat it simply erupts their top half into fire. like an intergalactic lighter.

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i’m not sure why mr. trim made them into such rigid-looking machines. although the design is a favourite of mine. there are some parts of the album that contradict the fighting machine having said compound eyes, although they don’t come to memory right now.

i made a large pack of improved tripods (hence the giant filesize) which is available here:

i may finish and release them officially someday, but as of now they’re merely incomplete betas. credits go to joazz for the original grimy texture and bumpmap, although i cannot recall if i remade either of them for said pack.

sdk shots of the rusty variation of the model, to show off the new phong and phongtint.

i removed the mipmaps, bit of a silly choice when it comes to people on low-end PC’s but it means that the tripod will look bloody gorgeous at any range. a credit to Joazzz’s texturework and Kathar’s modelling.

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by the way, could you post the original unedited version? i would love to try taking a crack at editing it myself.

Ah these are great!
Though most of the re-sized ones spawn invisible. I assume this’ll be fixed in the future if you decide to work on them.

And here are the two originals:

no-ones gonna do anything to those anymore lol i made the reskin like over two years ago

also make sure the models are in the right folder(s)

They are in the right folders.

You installed them wrong. I am adamant that every single one of them works correctly. There is literally no way they could spawn invisible short of a .vtx error, which I am adamant is not the case. There are a couple of ones that are too small to see properly, however,

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I plan to keep updating them as necessary, fixing them for gmod updates (should they break them) and such.