The Middle Ages : Medieval Roleplay Gamemode

Last updated: 15 June 2010

The Middle Ages is a medieval roleplaying gamemode which I have been working on for around a year and a few months now.

I started it out as my first ever lua project, and kept developing and adding more to it.

Please not: The following features apply to the gamemode when being run on the gm_flatgrass2008 map, on other maps some of these do not apply.

Features included in the current version are:


Two Fortresses (one for each alliance, with a mine too):
Felrendor ( The ‘good’ fortress )

The ‘evil’ fortress ( Has no name, as of yet )

The tower ( Home of the Scarlet Warriors, a Guild dedicated to destroying the Undead )

A town in ruins (zombies spawn here for fighting experience)

                                                                •  Mining
                                                                • Lumbering
                                                                • Smithing
                                                                • Crafting
                                                                • Fishing
                                                                • Cooking
                                                                • Alchemy ( Potion brewing )
                                                                • Farming

                The ability to buy your own ship for the reasonable price of 10,000 Gold from your          local harbour master, your ship is saved to your account.

NPCs included which you can talk to; they train you in certain jobs, sell you items, buy your goods and some have quests.

Your very own backpack, to carry around the items you need – saves when you leave the server.

                                                                The ability to choose which race to belong to, there are currently 11 races.
                                                                                                 • Human
                                                                                                 • Dwarf
                                                                                                 • Blood Elf
                                                                                                 • Dark Elf
                                                                                                 • Night Elf
                                                                                                 • Gnome
                                                                                                 • Ogre
                                                                                                 • Goblin
                                                                                                 • Undead
                                                                                                 • Troll
                                                                                                 • Animal

                                                                                                 The current alliances **on my server** are ( Yes I know they're unbalanced. );

                                                                                                                                                          The ‘good’ alliance;
                                                                                                                                                                                           Blood Elves
                                                                                                                                                                                           Night Elves
                                                                                                                                                                                           Dark Elves

                                  The ‘evil’ alliance;

Undead Army Quest (Flatgrass2008 only):
The inn keeper (Barney) tells of an undead army approaching the gates, and asks for your help in defending the town from the beasts.

                                                                • Peasant – Starting job.
                                                                 • Guard – Defend the citizens.
                                                                 • Knight – Defend the citizens.
                                                                 • King ( Leaders only ) – Rule the lands.
                                                                 • Gravestone Merchant – Sell gravestones to others.
                                                                 • Mage – Expert alchemist and can use spells. ( Admin only )
                                                                 • Farmer – Grow crops and herd animals.
                                                                 • Blacksmith – Smith your own weapons and armour.
                                                                 • Priest – The power of healing and a novice alchemist.
                                                                 • Cook – Cook food for others .( There is a hunger script which can be enabled by                   using the console command; mrp_hungermod 1 )
                                                                 • Craftsman – Create furniture and bows.
                                                                 • Labourer – Mine and lumber.
                                                                 • Inn Keeper – Own an Inn.
                                                                 • Wolf – Roleplay as a wolf. ( Admin only)
                                                                 • Builder – Can be used when prop spawning is off by non-admins to spawn props.
                                                                 • Fisherman – Fish for your food, you can cook, eat or sell the fish.
                                                                 • Druid – The druid has many a form. ( Admin only )

The gamemode is available here -
•- Beta 3:
•- Beta 4:
•- Beta 5:
•- Beta 6:
•- Beta 7:
•- Beta 7.5:
•- Re-release of Version 1.0:
•- Version 1.2(Current download) :
•- Svn:

Put the “The_Middle_Ages” folder into garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes

I have a 20 slot server running this gamemode, which should be up 24/7, running gm_flatgrass2008
The IP is –

– I do suggest downloading and extracting The_Middle_Ages into gamemodes before trying to join the server.

If you have any questions, wish to help or need some help working the gamemode PM me or add me on steam as johnjoemcbob.

Feel free to edit and use any of my codes. ( Crediting me is required. )

Any bugs/glitches you find, please inform me of so I can fix them.

Credits (Updated 27 May 2010)

— Lua
–Matt - Main scripting
–The Maw - General help, entity help
–MoordacT - Help menu
–DJ Zybez - NPC chat system
–Todrak - Lua help

— Dialog

— HUD textures

— Backstory (Maps, etc)

— Ideas
–Etc (People of my server mostly)

— House1, House2, House3, Inn, Fountain, Church, Smithy, Ruins1, Ruins2 Models
–Darth Zew – Original vmf
–Matt – Editting and conversion

— Ship
–Sakarias, Matt - Script
–Mikko “OEM” Uusitalo (Fpsbanana) - Original vmf
–Matt - Editting and conversion

— Castle walls, gates, etc Models

— Centre, Door, Door Frame Models (I know that they are ugly, but I haven’t got much experience in Hammer.)
– Matt - Original vmfs and conversions

— House4 Model
–Jim - Original vmf
–Matt - Editting and conversion

— Sword Model (Giant Statue one)
–Scorpieo - Original vmf
–Matt - Editting and conversion

— Wolf
–Miqle - Model (As far as I can tell.)
–TetaBonita, Matt - Scripting

— Picket Sign Model

— Gravestones
–VALVe, sHiBaN - Models
–Information, Matt - Scripting

— Axe
–VALVe - Model
–The Maw, Matt - Script

— Sledge Hammer
–Zombie Panic: Source - Model
–Matt - Script

— Gladius (Short Sword)
–RAPTOR65 - Model
–Matt - Script

— Shovel
–SMOD - Model
–The Maw, Matt - Scripting

— Pickaxe
–VALVe - Model
–The Maw, Matt - Scripting

— Sword (Long Sword)
–PLing and MagNet - Model
–Matt - Scripting

— Silver Sword (Two-Handed Sword)
–Dark Messiah - Model
– Workshipper, Matt - Scripting

— War Axe
–Akina - Model
–Matt - Script

— Krall (Ogre) (NPC and Player Models)

— Cow
–The Spectator - Models
–TetaBonita, Matt - Scripting

— Cannon
–Jonny Higgins (Fpsbanana) - Original vmf
–Matt - Editting and conversion
–Elijah, Matt - Scripting

— Cake
–TheBestFlash - Model
–Matt - Scripting

— Egg and Potato
–PHX Team - Model
–Matt - Scripting

— Fishing stuff
–VALVe - Models
–G3X, ReaperSWE, Matt - Scripting
–Original scripts were in GoFish.

— Goblin, Hellknight (Troll) and Undead (NPC and Player Models)

— Peasant, Guard and Knight Player Models
–Age of Chivalry - Original Models
–Shotgunguy - Conversion to Player Models

— Mushroom
– - Model (Unknown for now D:)
–Matt - Scripting

— Bacon
–Noobuss - Model
–Matt - Scripting

— Furnace, Coin, Bar and Anvil
–Nayrbarr - Models
–The Maw, Matt - Scripting

— Logs
–NightReaper - Model
–The Maw, Matt - Scripting

— Chicken
–Iduke - Model
–TetaBonita, Matt - Scripting

— Pie and Potions
–Dark Messiah - Models
–Matt - Scripting

— Bread
–FritoMaster - Model
–Matt - Scripting

— Bow
–Age of Chivalry - Model
– The Maw, Matt - Scripting

— Undead (zombie3/4) and Guard NPC
–Dan, Matt - Scripting

— Scarebox
– - Sounds (Unknown for now D:)
–Matt - Scripting

— Soundbox
–Barlow - Sounds
–Matt - Scripting

— Inventory Addon
–Chewgum, Matt - Scripting

— Torch
–Trigz - Model
–Matt - Scripting

— Armour
–Hat Maker Creators, Matt - Scripting

— Resizing Mod
– The Maw - Scripting

— Spirit Magic
–Worshipper, Matt - Scripting

— Light, Fire and Ice Magic
–Feihc, Matt - Scripting

— Medieval_Weapon_Base
–Stingwraith - Original Sword SWEP

— Prop protection

— Tower
–Nic (Aka Someone) - Tower vmf
–Matt - Compiling into model format. ( in 6 different pieces, then spending about 20 minutes putting them together >.< )
–Nayrbarr - Some of the textures

— Ambient and NPC sounds

Seems quite interesting, I am going to try it.

Nice, I’ll join the server in a minute when the download finishes.

Downloading now


okay downloaded lets go


map download


downloading 600 luas


and 63 textures


and 1 txt


I didn’t know they had wire in them days

Yeah, thanks The maps we may use are - gm_flatgrass, rp_lumbridge_v3_b, rp_year1595 and rp_medievaltimes_b2 ---- New maps gm_flatgrass2008, rp_med_alpha_1 - Lumbridge - Year1595 - Medievaltimes - Flatgrass2008 - Med Alpha 1


The wire was from when we were running Darkrp and countless other gamemodes as I rewrote The Middle Ages (Or MedievalRP as it was known then)
I have been planing to remove it.


Ok, I’m going to retire for the evening - If you guys do get on and there are any rule breakers, spammers or annoyances please pm me there name, steamid and what they did. Have Fun

Btw, I was RSOing like hell. I couldn’t get into the server after about 20 tries

Sounds like RuneScape but it could be fun if carried out correctly, which I hope this. Nice work.

Hi matt! I suppose you don´t remember me, but I was there when this gamemode didn´t have all the classy and cool shit it has got today. That was back in maps like rp_minasmiriath where you spawned an assload of fastzombies and gave me a magic golden sword :V It was fun back then and I think it just got better and better after that, great work!

Lol, lumbridge map that doesn’t even look like RunEscape. =/

Oh yeah, back in the good ol’ days


The Lumbridge map was made to look similar to runescape, but with some other features that would help get the most out of my gamemode


Wire has been removed.

I’ve seen some people hosting this kind of gamemode by the way, you should add in a block to cars/big buildings. Also what games/addons does this require besides counterstrike? Seen alot of errors/missing textures.

I hope there’s custom models for the different classes, yes?

A little suggestion, make InventoryAddon items disappear when you leave because people are going labourer then leaving and joining then becoming a craftsman.

And yes Freakie there’s almost no vanilla playermodels

Well it sounds like you put a lot of work into it, but it’s still massively geeky, I mean come on…LUMBERING EXPERIENCE :stuck_out_tongue: But I will play it. Now random Gif FTW.

OOooh. I hope this isn’t as mingy as DarkRP.

60 megabytes for a DarkRP edit. Wow. Never expected such a deep edit.

As I said, it used to be a Darkrp edit, I rewrote it.

At first I went :D,but when he said it was a DarkRP edit,I went D:

Downloading anyways,seems uber duber fun

What I mean by this is, it used to be a darkrp edit - But it’s not anymore, because I rewrote it from scratch (It’s not a Darkrp edit)

Remove this line from the op.