The Might of Chaos Lives On

NOTE: I don’t know anything about the canon in Warhammer so I apologize if people are fighting the wrong guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and a friend chose the title, feel free to suggest a different one.


Nicely done on the fire but why his jetpack is glowing?

the effects look pasted on

that’s not a jetpack.

I like how you listed all those awesome people.

And i like how you did this, so you can list yourself, too. :v:

Whatever it is, it’s glowing for some reason.

Friend said the same thing, haha.

I don’t know really, it was pretty illuminated in the area when I spawned the model so I just rolled with it.

Yeah, I started noticing that when I went further in. Any specific tips or something? I tried simply lowering the opacity or just darkening it but it made it look either withered and flushed or just plain stupid.

Wait…the Chaos guy burned that cannon fodder guy? Aren’t they supposed to be on the same side? Or are the ysome insurrectionist splinter cell gorup?

i’m bad at explaining things because i do so many of my effects by hand one way or the other

i could say that effects need elements that blend them into the picture better; if you have an explosion, you must have smoke and debris flying around in the surrounding environment. if you have smoke, you must shade it if there are light sources nearby and so on

if you have fire, make it look like it actually comes from the thing that’s burning; for example here the flames should ‘wrap’ around the guy’s right arm because that’s how fire works with clothes; the height of the flames is also way too… level; add some variety to that

here’s how i might do the fire effect

since when are the Imperial Guard on the same side with Chaos

besides, the Traitor Legions kill their subordinates for fun all the time anyway

Why isn’t that follower of Khorn ripping that Guardsman’s head off? Skulls for the Skullthrone ya know. But I like this, I wish I thought up this title for my World Eaters screenie, I have high hopes for you sir, for a starter this is well done. Yes the fire looks pasted on and the backpack is a glow worm, this is a very good attempt.

Oh. Okay then. I didn’t know that.

i don’t see any khorne runes or world eater logos anywhere, might as well be any other red-armored chaos marin-

hey, red and some black. red corsairs anyone?

much closer IMO, although the ragdoll doesn’t bear any of those RC logos. but since he’s just a guy in Nemeroth’s random warband he could be anything

anyway, stop calling that guy a berzerker, people pls

I agree, but seeing as the World Eaters disbanded into smaller named factions after the Heresy, I refer to them as World Eaters, but that’s just me. But Red Corsairs, now that is an idea, Huron Blackheart is needed.

i’m pretty sure after Kharn fucked their legion up they still kept the Red With Lotsa Gold color scheme and the khornate helmets