The Military.

So yeah, basically a faction myself and a load of friends set up. We’re currently about 21 strong. Our ‘alignment’ is pretty much consequensionist (aka the ends justify the means). We’ll help those in need and we eradicate zombie herds, but we don’t take any chances with armed civilians. We eat bandits for breakfast and groups trying to pledge superiority or unauthorized governing power over the population (such as the PDF) are marked as hostile. Our current priority (besides containing the infection, of course) is to hunt down and terminate the rogue bandit by the name of ‘Fantastic’, nicknamed ‘Fantastic Bin-Laden’ for his expertise in hiding from our forces. We’ll get him some day.

We don’t intend on any super-serious roleplay at this time since the means are limited (no local chat, no real ‘support’, etc.), but maybe in the future we’ll be more bent on doing so. For now we’ll keep it minor.

If there’s any canon-wise problems, just hit me up. Kept it as general as possible (not naming the island, country, president, president’s gender, etc.).

A couple of our members on the highest mountain of the map (dubbed Mt. Bumfuck-me-harder) with Pat and Helk today.

It’s a shame to see another bandit group similar to DOCX pop up. If any innocent civilians are worried about this rogue murder squad fear not as the People’s Defence Force will keep you safe.

I’m not sure i understand the ‘the ends justify the means part’, care to elaborate?

Also, you should think on renaming the group. Perhaps ZIP or EXE.

For instance, if we have to kill civilians in order to contain the infection, we will. It’s like, we are willing to perform morally questionable acts in order to achieve greater goods.


See you on the fields of battle, terrorist scum.

Look for clues.

Ah! PDF, I get it now. Clever.

Not all has been seen yet.





[sp]Any BBcode for image spoilers?[/sp]

go docx

Man, everyone else is starting factions, and making a storyline for the game and I’m just sitting here with an ass framerate masturbating

I’d really like to look into this whole companion canon thing you guys have going.

hahaha nice. well ive found your safer alone you can slip away fro ma situation if you play your enviorment right. there are few times having another user by my side would help. not easy finding a trustful companion either i prefer my lonesome lol. alot of groups like this are just raiders/bandits anyhow.

Being alone and being with many both has its pros and cons. We mostly rely on strength in numbers to get shit done.

People are talking about trust and forming groups here, but there isn’t currently a decent punishment for dying. Until losing your entire inventory on death is a thing, there isn’t really any incentive to PvP, or to group at all.

Well, I’m glad I’m not that Kuschie person.

Military verbal efficiency at its finest. :V

We’ve been gone for quite a while. A couple of our scouts investigated the server over the course of the past few days and found it in complete chaos and disorder.

We’ll return and convert ashes into order. Prepare.

We retract that last statement, given the fact that keys are generally about 40-60$ a piece. Maybe once the game’s open and cheap we’ll get this running again. We all had some great times, and I do really believe that this group had more integrity, background (especially) and structure than most factions out there.

Nice faction you got going Chief.

Thanks, appreciated. Hope to see it in action again some day.