The minds of hackers

Hello fellow rust players.

I am here making a pointless post asking you to help me understand hackers.

For some time now I have been talking to hackers, watching them, being friends with them and so far I have no clue what is their goal with hacking.

Some say it is fun to do so, some say I’ts because everybody hacks, and some just because of their lack of skill.

But I am not here for that, I am here to find out what is going through their minds while they are doing it.

Well here is what i think: Just like in real life there are people who can’t live fair like everyone else, they want to show dominance, they want power and so they do such things in illegal ways (robberies, murders etc.) or they simply want to escape reality, so are there in video games.

there are normal people who practice, work on themselves to get better, and there are some who are the definition of not giving a shit about playing fair and just want to get there as fast as possible, most of them are just mad

because they are unskilled and they want to escape reality by using cheats (drugs, alcohol irl) and it makes them feel good about themselves, until they get caught by anti-cheat software (police irl).

But these things don’t last long, so they need more, they become addicted and need stronger cheats (stronger drugs) and so they become addicted.

Some of the better coders keep making updates so that they can’t be caught by anti-cheat and they make people pay for each update (drug dealers change spots and make you pay for every single dosage of drugs) and then,

there are big cheating communities (drug lords) and they make tons of money by selling cheats. The obvious mistake people make is banning the users (drug addicts-consumers) instead of going for the source-the coders (drug lords and dealers) and when 1 of them gets caught others start laying low for a bit until the heat goes off, and the hacking scandal begins once more.

Other kinds of hackers that are not using them to escape reality, are the ones trying to get “better” and try to go pro (so do sportists with steroids) but they also get caught when they reach those official tournaments and get checked

There are admins who hack, but nobody can do anything about them since they are the ones who are supposed to ban (politicians who simply leech off of the country) and enjoy being corrupted forever, laughing at us peasants who play on their server.

and finnaly, what i think are the worst ones, the griefing cunts who are simply enjoying watching other people rage in agony just for the shits and giggles, and who are the people like them in real life? Murderers, rapists and such, who are enjoying watching people suffer and beg for them to stop. Eventually these get caught too but you don’t quite hear about them on the news, since those are just citizens murdered and raped, it’s not a sporting tournament ruined, you don’t hear about some random guy getting banned, you hear about KQLY and such people since they are more important for hacking in the official tournaments than some random citizens getting beaten by hackers.

Thank you everyone for reading this and making this far, this is what i think about hackers so far from my point of view, please respond to this thread if you agree or not, and if so please explain why and as always, sorry for my bad english :smiley:

the difference is that in real life robbing a bank for example and getting away with it will get you a new life, in rust… it’s just pathetic, there’s no gain beside having people swear at you for using cheats because you lack skill. Putting it in alpha terms :smiley: that’s the most beta thing they can do to show dominance.

But you have the similar outcome, irl you get more money and you live nicer, in rust you get more loot and play nicer

I prefer to think raiding is akin to robbing a bank, don’t really care if the players are on or not, only goal is to beat the security and take the loot, and if can’t do that, deny them the resources.

I think you make some interesting points, and draw some good comparisons.

I don’t hack, but if I was to, I think the main incentive for me would be to allow me to compete with, or gain advantage on, people who I didn’t think I could compete with under normal circumstances, eg, more skilled players than me, or to save time and reach my “goal” quicker without grinding. Those would be the two main incentives I could see…

Lance Armstrong said it was OK as everyone was doing it.

I will explain it for you. There are many psychological books about human brain. Psychologist found that people with low
self-evaluation prefer to cheat. So when somebody has problems in real life. Nodoby likes him, no friends, people laugh about him. This man tries to fix his bad feelings by cheating. They want to feel stronger.
They think: I have no chance in fair play game becouse I am looser. I have to cheat if i want to play at least for a while.

When i see cheater i write to him: go find girlfrend or friends. I know u are a life looser thats why you do it.

One thing to factor in is that lots of cheaters are kids that programmed them themselves… Get get a lot of credit for it (in their minds mostly but from their friiends and followers too). Its like another game altogether, they do not play rust, they play ‘am I good enough to fool these big game companies’. Its really not rocket science to program a cheat so its an easy way to up your self esteem.

The bottom line is this… Cheating is a form of meta play… Just like modders who get fun from making contents for a game, or artists that like making sketches from game concepts, or these guys that try and reproduce real life buildings using rust construction… Its all meta play.

They do exert a clear form of anti socialism though, its clear for all and any of them that they are being unfair and selfish… But most manage to lie to themselves about that last bit…

All you hackers can suck my hairy ass btw, learn to play!

my previous posts state my opinions on hacking.
There is so much ill will in life and consequently gaming, that needs to change!

I believe there are two prime factors…

  1. Culture:'The hacker (criminal) feels that since others are already doing this that it is only fair that I can do it too. As I have said, there are entire cultures that only know corruption as a way of life.

  2. Bullying: This is today and in the past a practice that society attempts to abolish. Things like crusades to other countries during the 1700s, terrorism, racism and educational advantage. Getting a leg up and grinding your opponent into submission. This is MMPOG.

Rust is primarily social (see the way active forum), and while hacking has infested its gameplay, it still holds options for the community to make subtle changes so that these unpleasant behaviors are kept at a minimum.

Keep up the fight for justice and good will, then raid them when their not looking :slight_smile:

BTW: This is a survival game, which includes hacking and Neanderthals.

It’s like using steroids to beat a champ in arm wrestling, you might make it but you get a perma ban from the competition

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I don’t play rust anymore since legacy is overtaken by russians and experimental is still not fun for me

And this helps…?

now i have never been a skiddie but after adminning on dayz for quite some time and talking to a few ex skiddies , there is no one reason some do just do it for shits and giggles others do it to collect tears.

I’m sorry if I sound a bit rude here, but comparing bank robberies and drugs to hacking in a video game is blowing things a bit out of proportion?

Hackers/Modders do this because they just want a competitive edge over players, it’s just something so they can have a lot of fun without much work. The philosophy of it is a bit odd, but I think it’s nothing more than A. To troll B. To be better than everybody or C. To join the bandwagon

He was not comparing the severity or morality of the actions, he was simply saying there seems to be a similar psychology.

Very few cheaters program cheats themselves. Like 98 percent are script kiddies with programs they found on google .

The mind of hackers:

Hacks are made by a very small group of players, the majority of hackers are just idiots who spent 10 dollars on a shady website to get an unfair advantage. There’s literally nothing intelligent about it, it’s just click, download, install.

At least someone gets where I’m going :smiley:

Most cheaters really have no idea of programming or what the cheat is really doing. They simply read message boards or pay somebody for the software. I am positive on this one as I have interacted with many cheaters, many would think I had hacks because I could hide in a bear and not get shot. They were too lazy to even know about old rusts non software required exploits.

So yes call them a hacker if you like but I have so far only met one person who actually coded his own stuff in rust and thus most everybody else is simply a cheater. If you have a 5 minute conversation and your technical at all you can pretty much spot the people who said they wrote something as a lair pretty quickly.

I always thought cheating in a game (with no money involved) is so stupid since a game is nothing more than agreed upon rules. If you go outside the game to break the rules your not playing the same game and thus cannot ever be better than anybody else playing. But that’s too deep of a thought for those loosers.

So what did I do in old rust with cheaters? I tried to kill them of course. I would usually fake sincerity and then shoot them in the back :). Many times they rage quit or you just lie and say it was not you and try and it again. It’s amazing how badly many of these cheaters want friends and you can exploit that.

Lots of theories why people cheat.

I think one people often miss out on is seeking attention.
A lot of cheaters (even though they do not admit it) enjoy the flame they get when someone sees they’re cheating. They love it when people are afraid of them because they cannot compete with them and they’re the overlord, there’s plenty of people that will allow themselves to be used as pets, slaves.

I’m a regular viewer of a Rust Legacy streamer, most people know him, Bchillz.
Sometimes in the chat people talk about cheaters etc. etc. and moderators and Bchillz himself always says “stop talking about them and you’ll see a lot fewer of them”.

There are a lot of cheaters out there hopping from one stream to another, streamsniping, trying to cause a scene on a stream so they can feel good about themselves because “HI MOM LOOK I’M ON TV CAPABLE OF PISSING OFF A TON OF NERDZ”.

Lot’s of cheaters do it for attention and the best way to improve the situation is by straight up ignoring them. With that I don’t mean the developers/EAC should ignore them of course ;). But you don’t see them replying to cheater-threads saying “yeah dude really pisses me off, fucking cheaters, we’ll try to boot the fuckers” because that’s something cheaters would love to hear.

This is quite true, usually they get kinda desperate for friends that respect them for being “superior”. It’s the best and I mean the BEST thing ever to backstab them and see them ragequit the server. And then possibly the server gets DDoS’d but WURF!! :smiley:

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This is basically like feeding the troll. You’re just feeding the cheater. That’s exactly the response they want to hear because then they know they’ve pissed someone off.
Many cheaters are just there to collect tears, when they anonymously and without consequences piss someone off, that’s their joy, that’s what gets their pussies all wet.