The MineshafU.K. Server/LimitedC4/SmallerAmmoDrops/FrendlyStaff/Oxide/Groups/NewServer

Our address is
To Direct connect press F1 and Type net.connect into the console

Server Settings:

  • Slots: 50 But more can be added as needed.
  • Airdrops: On (5 players minimum)
  • slightly lower quantities of Ammo in loot and drops
  • PVP: Very much On
  • Crafting Speed: Instant
  • Sleepers: On
  • Admins can be asked to clear up Stairs and raiding mess

Server Info:
Server location: London
English is the preferred language.
Again, no admin abuse at all. The admins are there to control hackers, they play by the same rules as you do
This server is running Oxide, with plugins and some modifications done.

Door share, Groups and private mail, joining with friends and teaming up is encouraged

All Suggestions are taken into consideration, any plugins, modifications or tweaks that are needed can be added as needed.

I look forward to playing with you.