The Mingehold- Part 1

Hi guys. DarkStuff clan just released the first part of a new machinima called The Mingehold. It’s a story of the Dark Stuff’s server took over by minges while the crew is gone. It’s a pretty dramatic action-comedy movie focusing alot on the use of music and editing tricks. Enjoy and share your thoughts.

i love this

It was alright.

The part where the mingebag was surfing for a server was a bit long though. And when the meteor came down the sound of an explosion may been a nice touch. Otherwise not bad.

Pretty good.

Could have used a bit better camera work, and didn’t quite set it up for a part 2.

It was ok maybe the end was bit stupid but still pretty good.


Awesome machinima so far :3

Meh, it was okay. Felt a bit underprocessed, however. Looks like you were inspired by War of the Servers.

Horrible, IMHO.

“Server Defence” actually, sir. Somehow.