The misadventures of Muhammad.

Edit & PS : this is not a racist joke at all, could have used russian terrorists but muhammad is a phoney name.

Make the images a lot smaller, you’re wasting space and its hard to see the entire image when I have to scroll.

You are to die within seven days. I know it.

Fixed the size.

I know I’ll die in less than 20 years due to cigarettes, alcohol and the fact that I’m not eating much, but I don’t see what could kill me in 7 days. :ohdear:

7 days?

That bitch from the ring maybe?

I expected the prophet Muhammad.

It’s hardly racist, I just don’t see the funny part.




Wait what, you smoke?


Where’s the joke?


Way to go, dumbass.

Like I seriously care about my life, the faster this shit will be over, the better.


Well yeah anyway shitty joke there let it die.

It not funny…
also, what map is that?