The missing Twilight Princess Models - Help

There are many threads about the Models of Twilight Princess. But there are many elements missing like Enemies, Characters, Items, etc.! It has not been extracted yet.

So I am looking for this Models and Textures. I’ve already seen the different packs. Are there more packs? Or can anybody rip this models for me?

Okay, I would pay over 50$ for all Characters, Enemies, Animals, Items, Bosses and perhaps some areas for 3DS MAX.


  • Bombling
  • Big Baba
  • Baby Gohma
  • Toadpoli
  • Freezard
  • Mini Freezard
  • Shell Blade
  • Skullfish
  • Stalkin
  • Tile Worm
  • Toado
  • Torch Slug
  • Twiligt Baba

Interested? Leave a comment or send me an PM.

why would you want to pay someone to do it?

anyways, i have all the twilight princess models (i think). i have all the characters items and maps (backgrounds/terrain/level/scenery, however you wanna call it) and im pretty sure i have all of those that you listed. i got it from the the gamecube version so every map/level/scenery is mirrored (compared to the wii verison).

but sadly, they are just 3d models for 3ds max or any other 3d model viewer. i dont know how to convert them for gmod. if anyone who knows how to convert them for gmod, let me know so i can give them to whoever is willing to do it.

(first time post :P)

that’s perfect :smiley: I’m using 3D Max since 3 years… Can you upload these models for 3DS Max on RapidShare or anywhere else? This would be GREAT MATE :smiley:

alright, ill see what i can do. the files are big so for now ill just send what you wanted.

i just need to find them (since their are soooo many models). then ill put them together and upload them.

i wont get back to you until later tonight. im not at home anymore but ill do it as soon as i get back.

I don’t know what to say… thank you so much. Whenever you need something, just let me know ( Flash, PHP, HMTL, 3DS MAX…). I nearly do everything : ) It would be a pleasure to help you.

do you have any pics of these enemies? cuz i cant figure out what the look like. i ripped all the enemies and i can only figure out some.

i ripped a bat, the big pig, the slug things, the skeleton fish. the tile worm and so on. i dont really know their names cuz they are named in abbreviations. so the file wont show the whole name.


what i got so far

  • bombing (plant bomb thingy)
  • Baby Gohma (i got all the spiders for you except giant gohma or arachngohma)
  • Toadpoli (i assume its the baby toads)
  • Freezard (dont know which one you want. their are many ice enemies)
  • Mini Freezard (got it)
  • Shell Blade
  • Stalkin
  • Tile Worm (without tile sorry)
  • Toado (i assume it the deku toad or the babies which i got both)

i cant find the stupid fire slug or the babas (the plant things that are like venus fly traps)

im gonna have to find them tomorrow

Hello medrop.
That’s just perfect. It would be great if you can upload this models so far : ). I can send you the models as images in perfect poses if you would like…

Can you send me the link (PM)?

sure. but ill keep looking. yesterday i did look through about half in 2 hours. i should be able to find the others. also, i ripped other models that you might like. ill just need to find more and put them together.

okay… how long does it take?

got it done. i just need to upload it.

also, the skeleton fish and the tile worm were mistakes. i couldnt find the actual fish and the tile worm ended up being a sand worm (the ones that jump at you in the desert)

but i think i got the tile worm (with out the tile or the very long body. i dont know what happened)


i tried naming them by their actual names so go through all of them to find what you want. check your pm

hey can i have some villager models

Me too, I need those models for the design of the fairy Oddadventure 7 crystal destruction

Oh ciao sash

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