The Mission Begins.

The model has no face posing as of yet, so please excuse that, I did the best I could :v:

Wow, pretty fuckin’ good lighting and color correction there. Not a fan of WWII content or even the model but you’ve really done some good work with this.

Looks really cool.

I don’t think that you can stand that still at the door of a plane, look really good though.

The edit was really cool,waited a long time for MoH:A models. :smile:

Old C-47’s didn’t go that fast, and there paratroopers there supposed to jump through that door eventually.

Now I want to watch Band of Brothers for like the millionth time.

Where did you get the Soldier?

Strangely, it reminded me of alan wake , and now I think of it as him coming out of a submarine dressed as a WW2 soldier.

Nicely done.I really like the lightning.

Jenkins, did you start sucking all the model hackers and such their dicks? Why are you getting all this shit that isn’t released yet?

The MoH A models are close to being released, only need some work on the constraint and faceposing then maybe some shaders. He is quite good a posing and I need people to test them to see if they are enough flexible. He came to me and asked. I said yes.

Yea but lately he has had like tons of models that weren’t released given to him.

That’s because he’s chill guy and…

Oh my god!? How did you find out my secret!?

I found my self staring at this with the music on lost in nostalgia. Well done. Also I think this would of worked as well