The "Model/Skin" Pimpage/WIP Thread V7

It’s the seventh thread focused on scratch made models and textures mostly generally specifically designed for game use! [thread=1160592]Previous thread hit the limit.[/thread]

We pride ourselves on C&C, so post what you have, be it incomplete or complete. You’re among friends.

If you want to post work in progress on hacks (those models/skins/etc) pulled from previously released content, [thread=1250031]we have a thread for that.[/thread]

I just edited the OP from previous thread, hope there’s no problems with that, my first time starting a thread like this.

And a W.I.P photo to get the ball rolling

Working on a more complex hologram this time around

It’s a shame Source’s handle on transparency is so pooey.

That’s max viewport. Source actually handles transparency better then in that picture.

ignore the details such as trigger finger, only magnifier, and not pushing the thingy majjiger

WW1: source?

WW1 mod for ArmA 2

nice model John! I think you can push your specular a bit more and it will look great

Did you do your low poly first then your highpoly? or did you model out your low high poly with zbrush or something then bring it down to a low? if you retopologized what method did you use?

Another WIP aircraft

hello mine

made it as both static prop for mapping, and physics prop for Garry’s Mod
not sure why a couple of the rings have stretched textures, probably bad UV on my end because I just do “smart” UV project in Blender.

Tan one looks like it’s made out of wood. I would love to do worn-off-paint-scratches to the edges of them in Photoshop if I was any good at it

Personally i think that the green one should be a bit darker.

Have a cartoony button too

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I think I could try that, and a little less saturation on the color aswell perhaps?

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How’s this?

That’s a bit better. What’s up with the UV stretching?

Not entirely sure at all, I use “Smart UV Project” button (Blender) to create my UV’s, I’ve never had this problem before. I usually don’t bother editing the UV manually unless it’s just to move things around to make texturing it easier for myself.

Here’s the UV exported:
Might look a bit messy

I just checked in Blender, the top-leftmost island is one of the messed up textures, looks perfectly fine on the UV and on the texture itself

you should learn how to UV properly, it will help a lot when texturing. right now you have a lot of empty space, you can probably get the same texture resolution with a 512x512 texture.


That’s like pressing the auto mapping button in maya, you just don’t do that.

Figures :v:

Yeah I really need to sit down and find some tutorials so I can learn how to do UV’s properly, might look back to the very first tutorial I watched that got me started in modelling, it has some UV things at the end I could probably take into notice

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