The moment, Alied soldier recieving head.


Original pose by: CabooseRvB … he’s a natural.

My version, 1 Hour of photoshopping, 30 layers and 1 bud of Haze later…


Impressive work on the soldier, the blood is bugging me for some reason, looks too solid and doesn’t have enough “smoke” around, see what I mean?

yeah i know, but i must admit im a very lazy person :frowning:

any other things guys? :slight_smile:

wish he was dropping his gun

ohh damn that would be even better…

but you like it? D:

Alied soldier recieving head


Bullets travels fast. His body wouldn’t have time to react methinks.

Oh good. I’m not the only one who thought of that.


anyone? D:

Title did make me wonder what was in this thread, lol.

But myeah, it looks good the blood spraying shouldn’t be pitchblack though.

your right, updated!

I do not wish to know if the allied soldier is having sex.

It looks good. And he wouldn’t have instantly dropped his gun.

true but I think a minor relaxation of the hands would look better.

I agree

cmon guys, feed me comments! D:

the blood coming out of the head is at weird angle. Other than, pretty good.

Thank you! :smiley:

Nice blood effect.