The Moment when the price goes to 10.33 and 10 dollars and u buy 2 more copies <_<

Aight soo lmao, 6:32 Am NOrwegian time GMT+2 I just bought 2 more copies of the game ROFLMAO 10 dollars for both Can’t pass that up right?

I’m so getting a gang together on this game, all my MINIONS!

Support for the game :rock:

inb4 sombody says can i have it


(User was banned for this post ("'inb4' reply" - postal))

lmao, Yeah… no… Rofl sorry mate:P these are going for the brother hood Herpaderp

I got one for under $8 earlier.

Nicely done!:dance:

That awkward moment you recognize someone on the forums from in-game… @Saeq At least I think. o.o I duo with link if that helps ;D

And then the realisation that you can only run 1 instance of steam at the same time.