The Monster from the LABORATORY!!!

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Fact Sheet:
-My first comic in a LONG while, just practice to ease myself back into comic making
-I may or may not continue this, I planned to add Lucas and Ness,but maybe for a second issue
-Irony, the Ultimate Chimera HAS a weakness!!!(hintitsthebutton)
-Be gentle, I was mildly serious when doing this, my gmod’s FPS dropped tremendously while taking pics, and it got harder to pose the ragdolls as I went
-Thanks to Fluxmage for the Ultimate Chimera and the Pigmask people, and Aska for making a great Game mode, and to DrStalin for his Shady Oaks map!

Kinda short and boring. :confused:
But the editing and layout is rather nice.

Awezum keep going.

…Odd, But I’d liek to see more
The Chimera is spooky :ohdear: