The Moody Guy.


My first little comic, I think i did great :smiley:


Perm Banned " Why reply? "

I know you can’t say nothing cause i don’t make problems.

The text you used is pretty bad for speech bubble text. Not to mention the speech bubbles are…Well, it’s rare I see them with white strokes and black fills. Also, don’t stretch/squeeze the images.

And why the hell do you honestly give a shit about the Speech bubble text? I mean it is not like there has to be certain font’s that you need to use.

What you mean? I didn’t even squeeze or stretch the images smart ass. I can basically put it in the size i am wanting them in correct? It is my comic, And you take things like i need your useless criticism. Now don’t you comment back and say Dude can you take C&C? Gosh. lol.

Jeez, lighten up a bit, he’s just trying to help. You’re going to get criticism here whether you like it or not.

Yeah but it is a comic, It is not like you are going to use the same font on every comic you make.

Stop being a douche. He’s just trying to give you some pointers.

Why don’t you stop posting off topic and stop producing more people into a fight.

Oh, this is going to be good.

My advice to the author of this comic is to do what his username suggests. That or learn the difference between insults and criticism.

They’re only trying to help you do better for the future, you can’t expect to have you’re first comics to be liked by everyone. I say at least try to take their suggestions into consideration. Although, I do kind of find the comic to be rather amusing just too short…

This guy starts more fights than he solves.

He’s probably an 8 year old child.

Calm down, he’s just saying what he thinks you could do better. No need to go apeshit :mad:


A brown man being a Nazi … Wut?

Your comic isn’t funny, bad choice of chat bubbles and it makes zero sense.

You sir, fail.

Seriously, you need to chill the fuck out man. Learn to take criticism and stop acting like such a child. We are trying to help you to make our comics better and you decide, “OH! I’m gonna call combine_dumb a smart ass and start a fight with everyone who disagrees that my awesome comic isn’t awesome WAHHHH! /cum /cut wrists”

I agree with this post.

No, that means about 40 years and not 30 years!

Then the date would be 1967…

Looks like you can’t handle the criticism we give you :downs: Like in your muzzleflash “tutorial” You were given some advice. But no! You just started to bitch about it.

So yeah. I’ll agree with C_D