The more the difficulty the less raiding?

I feel like raiding people’s homes is the main goal for players of this game right now, even I am guilty of it. This isn’t a tower defense game, we need to find a way where raiding happens less. I am not complaining I love raiding and I love defending my house when a dude or 2 think they can even get close to my loot, but i do feel like the game isn’t feeling like a survival game right now, more like CoD with Tower defense mixed in. Make the game harder is my idea, but that sucks for fresh spawns. I seriously do think C4 still isn’t hard enough to make. Make it harder, I can make 6 C4 in a days worth of gameplay. Easy. So yah, there is my 2 cents. What do you guys think? Don’t be rude please and don’t say this is Alpha… I am throwing out ideas is all. I am sure something will be done someday closer to launch in beta or whatever.


I completely agree with you, but right now there just isn’t enough content. We have to remember this is early alpha so we’re just testing what they have implemented for us. Me and some friends found some explosives and it got boring after an hour of crafting c4 and blowing shit up. It’s like reaching the level cap in an MMO; We just have to wait for more content OR until they come up with an idea that makes it 10x harder to create weapons.

I rejected the idea of leveling, then being a certain level to craft certain things… Now it doesn’t like such a far off idea. It would make the game more playable for longer.

Couldn’t agree more, and you phrased it well.

I think the main goal should be more about survival.
Maybe more symptoms of radiation sickness could be added, as well as a more hostile environment to survive in?