The Morgue [Light Rp]

Basic Information.

Name: The Morgue
IP Address:
Location: USA
Gamemode: Spiked Cider
Slots: 64 man.
Map: rp_c18_v1
Type of RP : Real Life Roleplay.




Videos: (Cider Menu) ( A short Clip of jobs etc… Old video )

Map: rp_c18_v1

Current List of Rules:

Important Rules

  1. No blocking/killing/surfing/climbing with props.
  2. No random deathmatching.
  3. No breaking NLR (New Life Rule).
  4. No punching without a valid reason.
  5. These are not the only rules, ignorance is not an excuse.
  6. You can only scam items if the class you’re on doesn’t sell them.
  7. If you are on the police force you cannot shoot players that you have knocked out.
  8. You can only use a door which came with the map or were created with the Door STool.
  9. If you are caught using any exploits you will be permanently banned.
  10. Do not try to loophole a rule when an admin/mod confronts you.

General Rules

  1. When you become a team you must role-play what the team is for.
  2. No racism or homophobia in OOC.
  3. Do not use OOC for in-character discussion.
  4. No pretending to be administrator.
  5. No killing a player after you scam them
  6. No disconnecting from the server after you scam somebody.
  7. Treat players how you would like to be treated.
  8. There must be a way to get through your doors.
  9. Do not make anything porn related.
  10. No building huge and useless shops.
  11. You may not block off world doors, you can only block off windows and garage doors.
  12. Do not disrespect administrators, they’re here to help and RP.
  13. Do not kill somebody when they are typing unless they are typing to avoid death.
  14. Do not complain if your contraband got raided and destroyed.
  15. You may have multiple doors to one entrance but there must be enough distance in length to fit 2 people.
  16. It must be possible to somehow get past every door that you have.
  17. You can only use a door which came with the map or was created with the Door STool.
  18. If you have a base or a store you may not No-collide walls or props that people have to walk through to get in.
  19. You cannot kill people because of their class.
  20. No making vehicles.
  21. You may not snipe cops during a lockdown, you can only kill them if you are outside rebelling against the lockdown.
  22. No welding drugs to walls or props.
  23. No killing people because of their race.
  24. You must have at least 4 letters in your name that are warrantable.
  25. You are allowed to build in the street as long as the Mayor does not say otherwise.
  26. You cannot no-collide a camera and look into someones base with it.
  27. You cannot make 1 sided props that cant be shot through.
  28. You cannot block cameras with props, this is considered “Prop Blocking.”

Hostage Rules

  1. If you are being directly held hostage at gunpoint you are not allowed to pull out a weapon.
  2. If you are being directly held hostage at gunpoint you must accept any reasonable demands from the hostage taker. Reasonable demand for money is $500 or less.
  3. If you are being held hostage you must eat food that the hostage taker gives you.
  4. If you are being held hostage you must not change classes or disconnect from the server.
  5. If you are being held hostage you must not go to sleep unless the hostage taker permits it.
  6. Do not harm your hostage after your demands are met.
  7. If you are being held hostage you must not use the radio, or request assistance unless the hostage taker permits it.

Class Specific Rules

Mayor Rules:

A) Issue valid arrest warrants; Don’t warrant because of NLR, personal vendettas, or any OOC reasons.
B) Do not use broadcast for OOC discussion or advertisements.
C) The Mayor is never allowed to make any of the available teams illegal.
D) The Mayor is never allowed to make contraband legal.

Police and Police Chief Rules:

A) You must have a valid reason to request a warrant.
B) Do not steal others items when you’re in their homes serving a warrant.
C) Do not become a cop just to unarrest or aid a OOC friend.
D) If you are on the Police Force you must attempt to ask questions before you shoot
E) If you are on the Police Force and there is a hostage situation, you must remember to negotiate with the hostage taker.
F) If you are on the Police Force you cannot shoot players that you have knocked out.
G) Cops are not supposed to kill during a lockdown. Try to knock out or force citizens back into their homes. Use killing as last resort.

Mob Boss/Gangster Rules:

A) Only make objectives for RP reasons; Do not make OOC/Non-RP objectives or objectives that are stupid/don’t make sense.
B) You can not destroy the drugs of people you are storing with unless they have betrayed you.

New Life Rule

Definition of NLR - The New Life rule is nearly self-explanatory, basically, when you die you don’t remember anything from your previous life (spawn), you are an entirely new character.You do remember where your base is and you do remember if you were buying an item. But you do not remember where you died or who killed you.

  1. If you die you may not go back and kill the person who killed you for revenge.
  2. If you die while raiding someone’s base you may not go back or tell someone else to raid that base because that is metagaming.
  3. If you die while trying to catch someone while you are a cop you may not go back and continue trying to get them unless they have an active warrant or there is still a member of the police force at the scene requesting backup.
  4. As the mayor you may not warrant a player more than once every 7-8 minutes nor can you warrant someone after they have died.


Alright lets start talking about in-game stuff.

Heart: Donator
Happy Face: Moderator
Star: Admin


In console you can use these commands to bind any weapons or items you need(put your desired key where it says KEY):

bind KEY “say /holster”

bind KEY “say /inventory cider_m3super90 use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_m4a1 use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_deserteagle use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_g3sg1 use”
bind KEY “say /inventory weapon_crowbar use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_knife use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_fiveseven use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_glock use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_MP5 use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_AK47 use”
bind KEY “say /inventory cider_usp45 use”
To silence a gun press “E” + left click.
To switch between fire mods press “E” + right click.

bind KEY “say /inventory health_kit use”
bind KEY “say /inventory health_vial use”
bind KEY “say /inventory breach use”

Tab Menu.

Status When your in-game:

Type of Drugs:

More stages to come.


Alright lets start looking at the F1 menu.

Help tab:

Rules tab:

Character Tab:

Inventory Tab:

Store Tab:

Some Pictures of Classes in-game: (To see the full list scroll up and see the character tab Picture)

Last but not least our Donate Page.

Alright I hope some of you will actually try out this server and not create flame in this thread, hope to see you in you in game!

Antonio The Butter Boy.

I’ve played on this server, its good to fuck around in while still following their rules but it has even more lax policies than a DarkRP script when it comes to guns. As soon as you create a new character you have the ability to buy 20 pistols and ammo to match. It does however have a lot of features lacking from a DarkRP script so if your looking for baseless role play then this is the server for you. If your looking to have even a semi-surface role play than this isn’t the server for you. No one really role plays as a character but rather as a them self morphed around the rules. I’ve attempted to initiate role play scenarios and dialogue with even administrators and I ended up getting ignored/shot. So at the end of the day if what you want is slightly goal oriented death match with classes and a script that is a bit better than DarkRP, then this is the server for you. If you want any true role play then this isn’t the server for you and you’ll probably end up becoming frustrated and/or turn to trolling. This is a server run by what was once solely a CSS clan and you can tell by the way they administrate and run things.

I do however recommend their Gang Wars CTF server when its fixed. Its a great experience and a great game mode still in development. What’s sad about that is it even enforces a role play name while on this server, one that claims to be a role play server, doesn’t enforce a first and last name at all.

You can also tell by their rules list that they have a lot of very specific rules but none regarding the basic tenants of role play. Besides NLR but even then that’s rarely enforced heavily. They also seem to have an identity conflict with what type of role play they are, in this threat they claim to be Real Life but in game I get the sense of a mix between HL2 and RL role play, especially with the scripted in “Lock Downs” which are reminiscent of Judgment Waivers. Police Officers are also heavily armed with nerfed MP5K’s.

All those chat commands… How about making a few of them into context menus if you haven’t done so already?

lol cider.

You forget the super admin icon

Nice player slot faker.

Great server, Always a fun time when playing

Super admins barely on so I didn’t add it.

We usually only have it on when the server restarts just to get it moving etc… But we turn it off most of the time.

We usually only have it on when the server restarts just to get it moving etc… But we turn it off most of the time.
I wouldn’t trust a server that finds the need to lie to it’s players about the server’s popularity just to become a well-known server.

I remerber seeing 187ci’s servers with the fake clients mod up all the time. Back before enough people joined the server just because they thought it was popular, the server would say “45/54 people connected”, but there’d be only 4 or 5 people actually connected.

Thats fine, don’t join it then.

I just joined this server. The first thing that happened when i spawned was 4 people flocked around me and killed me.

Wow… Another Dark RP server (:

It wasn’t dark RP but they all did have the hand feature which was like 4 hit kill.

It’s not DarkRP it’s Cider. It’s actually really fun if no is running around killing each other.

I would say in some aspects the script features promote more killing than DarkRP. For instance on joining you can buy twenty sidearms (Pistols, Knifes, Crowbars) and the ammo to match. Right off the bat you can start killing.

Except everything costs a living shitload.

Which can easily be gotten in minutes with afk contraband and durgz

We have an AFK kicker, so you must be using a script.

Like I said, this is fine and good for slightly goal oriented Death Matching but not role play.

Yes I can admit it its true. But sometimes when I am the only admin on the server it can go to hell and I will be pulling bans every minute and it wont stop. Our admin team is very very small. We are looking for admins but no one meets the requirements unfortunately.