The Most Annoying thing in Rust

Of all the aimbotters/big clans/and radarfaggots the most annoying thing is getting attacked by naked men while in a gun fight. I started on a 6/9 fresh wiped server today and made massive power moves within 45 mins of being on the server. My friend found a m4 and mp5 lol and I crafted p250s and farmed a bit. I get into a gun fight with a leather ( i only had a shotgun) and died after some naked dude runs up to me with a pick axe. Apparently the noob who killed me was lurking around with my stuff still in his inventory and I killed him and his friend. I made a shack and banked all my stuff. I got paranoid that someone would raid me because I would see naked dudes following our trail, so I decide to build smaller shacks around the map but my house loses power. My friend later texts me that we got raided…pretty pissed. Started from the bottom…again.

Yea… that’s pretty much the whole point of the game.

EDIT: Bravo to that naked guy taking the risk and coming out on top for a bit.

yea but they decide to still hang around and I came back and destroyed them. they even came back a second time and I wiped them out. One guy got banned because crouch running is against the rules on the server. I might have to build a shack a little more hidden this time. :smiley:

Tech failures can be pretty frustrating. Good luck in the future.

So within the 5 minutes between your OP and the last one you killed multiple people multiple times. You think you jumped to conclusions a bit quickly in your OP?

I’m not sure why this is even a discussion.

had to make it short. everything happened so fast and I was filled with aggression. I was probably the best on that server and people were out to get me so whatever. Ill do it again and again

… and here I thought you were complaining about a power outage…

That was another annoying thing but when does that ever happen at an important time? Actually I still don’t have power but some reason my internet still works

Most frustrating thing for my friends is when their $70 mice break when my $5 microsoft mouse never fails.

yea i have shitty dell mice. never breaks. i dont understand how u could even break it in the first place.

The most annoying thing in Rust is the people.

yeah. so basically this thread is about how you shouldn’t have been killed by a guy who didn’t have guns because you are the “best player” on that server?


Gun fights are likely to attract people who weren’t initially part of it, hoping for some easy kills/loot. That should pretty much be common sense.

Most annoying thing form me is having to log each day on each server I play and open the door of each base to stop decay…

Then don’t do it, simplify your life.

Really constructive…

Find a partner who can help keep decay from happening.
Build a metal house so it lasts longer.
Find a server with less or no decay.
Get over it.

There’s some more options.

Hence the title of Rust.

Everything will Rust away.

Thank’s for the reply Sievers808… But honestly I do not intend a comment, explanation or discussion about it… I already know all that, I have more than 500 hrs played into this game.

I was only replying to the Title question of the OP “The Most Annoying thing in Rust” and for me it’s that.

I could add a lot of other thing like big group is annoying and ruin the game, being raid by sleeping bag glitcher, Being raid each time you log out, bad admin server… but I choose this one.

I play mostly solo because it’s the most challenging way of playing Rust, in group it’s to easy… and I do not want to need to rely on anybody…

My opinion, My way, no need for approval :wink:

For me it’s:

  1. People who spam server IP addresses
  2. People who continually ask ‘how too…’ (read the Wiki FFS!)
  3. People who suck up to hackers (cowards)