The Most Badass of Badassery Shootin Up Baddies

what sort of baddies?

offscreen ones of course.

I failed to make it look like the gun was actually moving, oh well

Nice map, now the muzzle-flashes are way too blurry and the front guy’s soldier buttocks are not in the right place. Now where is the original ?

Nah the blur is not that bad. I like the overall editing. Generic as fuck but nicely done.

muzzle flashes blurry? uhhh maybe because they were DoF’d? And they’re not sharp in the first place. I think I put his ass in the right position, he doesn’t like getting it up the bum.

hey what filters do you use to add that to your pic?

Muzzleflashes don’t get “dof’d”, especially when the guy who’s shooting is clear as crystal.

You can do better.

oh those off screen henchmen