The most basic of all Maya questions

I’ve used Blender and ZBrush confidently for a few years however recently moving to Maya I understand there is a rather large learning curve with it; I’m having to change my workflow up a little as the mass of options in Maya is a little overwhelming.

Is it possible to add single vertices into space and THEN create a face from them. I cannot for the life of me figure out an easy way to create one vertex and join that fucker up to the object with a face.

Any help would be much needed :downs:

Just extrude out and delete the unnecessary verts and then use bridge to fill the holes

At least that’s my answer to what I understand you’re saying

Now I don’t use maya and never have but this is what the first hit on google gave me:

  • createPoly tool now you don’t wan this but you can achieve your goal this way.

  • You can also use locators, which are OpenGL icons used to mark points in space, place them anywhere you want and later use createPoly tool with the keyboard button v (snap to point) to place edges and create polys

  • Split polygone tool, basically the cut tool 3ds max has, just make a cut and hit enter.

  • if you are talking about inserting vertices into 3d space like 3ds max can do then no this is not possible.

Cheers for the reply.
I managed to do what I wanted extruding out two edges, combining the vertices and then deleting an edge in the middle so it became one face instead of two… and got this:

Don’t think bridge would have worked for what I wanted to do but unless I’m being overly idiotic and complicating things far greater than they need to be… is there a simpler way? In Blender i’d be able to extrude the vertex to form an edge then… join the dots up etc

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skimmed the forum that was on. but…


If it’s retopology in maya you’re asking for, 2014 does this:

It’s not, but thanks regardless!

You can try using the Append to Polygon Tool, in Edit Mesh menu.