The Most Epic Thing I've Ever Done

So after playing for about 2 hours of rust I started to make a house to the east side of Mt.EverRust. After hunting for about 10 minutes to gather food I find a building with a light inside. I didn’t have much on me, as I only killed 1 pig with a rock, and I already had a home so I decided to ask these people for some metal fragments. Going to their front door I see that they are a group of 4 people crowed around a furnace with cloth armor and revolvers. I say hi and they let me in for…I guess no reason. They say they need help, saying how they are about to get raided by 5 kevlar bandits. From what I saw in the chat apparently these people are the “Cops of the Server” and are the only friendly people. They say to send me down to the nearest rad-town to get supplies and bullets, and that they will reward me if I come back alive. So I go down to the rad-town and get some bullets and even find a p250 with 17 9mm ammo. I start going back to the place and come along a person in kevlar wandering around, he stops by a tree and stops moving. I get lucky and kill him while he is afk. At this point I am freaking out at how lucky I was. Then I come along a village of 13 naked people, they greet me and are friendly. Over the chat I see the police men yelling how they are getting raided and I ask these naked people to come with me, they all come except for one to stays at the village to keep watch.

Meanwhile I am sitting on top of a rock and get a birds eye view of the police station. I tell them the battle plan, 4 gank the kevlars to the right with hatchets, 4 gank the kevlars to the right with hatchets. The other 4 have bows, and stay with me, we will attack from behind them with ranged weapons. They listen and follow all the instructions and next thing you know 5 kevlar people are running around getting shot at by bows, an M4 (me), revolvers (The police men), and are getting their heads bashed in by naked people. 4 out of the 5 die and the last starts to run away with a snake of naked people swinging at him with rocks(He from bleeding to death, we could not find his body). In the end we only had 2 casualties, these kevlars were really bad aim apparently. So the police men got all the armor and guns from these people, and I was recruited to the police station as a deputy and battle planner! It really makes you feel like a baddass after commanding a group of naked people! xD

Everybody always assumes that Kev+M4=win, but surprise beats that shit every time.

Nice :slight_smile:

But like a real combat situation, surprise is a key element to victory. Too many raiders focus on the objective and getting the loots instead of keeping an eye out around them.