The most idiotic Mingebag/Troll you have ever encountered.

I’ll start:
I was playing on a startup Sandbox server. I liked it a lot, and I was happily building away. Then, someone joined, and after that, proceeded to spam cranes. Everywhere. The server crashed a minute later. Couldn’t find it again, even checked the next day, wasn’t there on the server list.

Why do people do this? I honestly have no idea why. :confused:
Original thread:

Can’t recall many names, but I was dealing with a guy named “MingeZombie45” or something like that earlier today, and fuck me was it hilarious. Him and I have a feud reaching back to the first time he started playing on Modified DarkRP. His little group “Instinctive Carnage” decided to attack a Police Department with six cops armed with M16s, and thought he would win. He didn’t. Ended up getting repelled by six angry and pissed off cops, and one of his buddies survived and ran.
So we chase after this guy and end up at their base. Mayor warrants it, we rip the door off the hinges, get in, fuck shit up, tear the base down, write our names on the wall with the charcoal of their hopes and dreams, go home.
Now this kid didn’t really like the whole, “Tear the base down” part. This fucker went berserk, and started bitching out the admins on OOC about how we need to be all banned, calling the admins a bunch of white niggers, doing all sorts of stupid shit to get revenge on us.

Follow up to today… I walked over to his house, and noticed he had a “Doctor Inside ;D” sign. I remembered I was low on healthkits, and none of the doctors on the server had placed public dispensers. I go up, and say, “Yo Doc, can we buy some healthkits, and can you please put down a public dispenser?”
He gets up, runs to the door and tells us, “Go fuck yourselves!” I said whatever, and walked off to the bank, and turned around to see his buddy open the door, and open the fading door to the building, and oh boy what do I see? Doctor is packing heat. Lots of heat. A fucking Galil, and his buddy in back is packing a .357 Magnum.
… Yay

So I call in other officers, I get about four guys with me, including a quickly conscripted Marauder who was working as an informant for us, and we bust into his base, kill him and his buddy and tear the base to the ground. As we are turning around to leave, the kid calls an admin sit, and we are forced up to the admin room.

“OH LOOK, ITS THIS RETARD!” he shouts with a lovely shrill of hapiness.
“Have some goddamn respect, son.” a grizzled admin named Ronald Reagan replies. Ronald then went over the ground rules of the admin sit… No talking over mics, it all must be done over text chat, respect the other party, provide evidence for your accusations.

“Well this fucking retard raided my base!” says MingeZombie over mic
“I said, have some respect, didn’t I? Also, text chat.” Reagan grunts.

“Fine” the text chat went on with our two sides of the story, my side which is posted above, and Zombies story about how him and his teammates were unarmed “victims” being attacked by marauding and corrupt coppers who armed up a group of thugs with AK-47s, to attack them. Not even joking about the “victim” part by the way. He literally referred to us as “blood crazed psychopaths” and his “Instinctive Carnage” group as victims.

Ronald frankly didn’t give a damn, and asked him to show evidence.

“Check the logs!” Zombie says expecting that the logs will do everything to get me and about three other cops banned for a day.

“Give me screenshots.” Reagan reiterates, obviously still not giving a fuck.

“B-but… The logs have everything! The came into our base, and they attacked us! I have two witnesses who can side with me!”

“You mean your friends… One of which was armed with a .357 Magnum Revolver. Who will obviously have a subjective bias to the case, as they were defending during a Police Raid.” using voice chat I remind him of.

“Joey, make sure to type that so we have it on the logs.” Reagan asks over textchat, and I put it down for him. “Alright, you see Zombie… I don’t have screenshots and honestly, witnesses mean shit. Joey said he had what was it…”

“Four cops, one marauder” I pitch in

“Right! So he had a group of four people with him, that could be seen as witnesses, but it doesn’t matter. We can’t simply have eye witness accounts to be the complete deciding basis of our cases. We need evidence such as screenshots or video proof to provide what happened from your point of view. Without those, nothing can be done I’m afraid.”

“B-but they raided our base, and destroyed everything…” Zombie says over voice, realizing that the case is pretty much over.

“I am sorry, Zombie… Nothing can be done.” Ronald finishes, over voice chat as well.

“Well this is fucking bullshit!” Zombie bellows over mic. “I demand a new admin! I want justice!”

“You have had justice…” Ronald states

“Honestly, this is why I prefer bounty hunters. Political issues? Feuds? Assholes you don’t like? $2000 and you get to watch them be chased down with rifles!” I state trying to lighten up the situation.

“NO FUCK YOU!” Zombie shouts with me and Ronald trying to calm him down “It isn’t fucking fair that cops can just barge into our houses because they see us with guns!” “You fuckers are just like Ronald, misguided niggers!”

Ronald and I actually turned to each other in game, and shook our heads.

“Every fucking time you guys come along you ruin everything for me!” Zombie yells in near tears

“Look. If it means any constellation, the police take weapons from crime scenes to the mayor’s office and we can get your gu-” I try to say before being interrupted

“I don’t want your fucking compromise! I want you BANNED!” Zombie relays while crying.

“Zombie, please calm down. Joey is trying to help you… Why not take his offer and let the wounds heal?” Reagan attempted to reinforce with honest to god gestures to fix the problem. By this point though, everything had gone to hell, he was having a full-blast tantrum, screaming at Reagan telling him he is a horrid admin and should be removed from his position for being a credit-card mod and that no one likes him in this server, and then it happened… “Look. We told you how it is. Lady Justice has layed her hammer to the side, and requested that you do the same. With that though, let me tell you something… For one, I earned my position and was recruited by the council, I did not make an app, nor did I donate to earn my rank.” “Number two… Bans don’t fix every fucking situation. I don’t care what some of the credit card mods have lead you to believe, but that’s not how we do things here” and finally “I would also like to make this very fucking clear. As a boy from the South, I don’t know who the fuck raised you, but show some goddamn respect for people who are trying to help you. Don’t go around calling them niggers or retards because you don’t get your fucking way. If I ever went back in time, and became your father, I would wash your damn mouth out with chili peppers for being a spoiled fucking brat, with that…” “I thank you both for your time, admin sit over.” with the end of his lecture, he teleported MingeZombie back to spawn and looked back at me and told me, “Kids like that need to learn some respect”

I could only give him a nod, and simple “Aye” over voice chat. I was in utter shock regarding Ronald even possibly snapping. He then teleported to me spawn, and the situation boiled over into OOC, with the kid starting the same shit.
Ronald ended the kids tantrum by basically telling him, “I don’t ban people without reason, but if you keep your shit up, you’ll become the first”
Mingezombie later ended up going around with his group Instinctive Carnage, shooting up three places. A Doctor’s Shop, a Hospital, and Fire Emergency Station. They were banned in reflection to these random attacks on seemingly harmless areas for a week each.

I think that may be the best story I’ve ever read about darkRP

Some people should just stick to Nintendo, or better yet, go outside and learn how to properly interact with other human beings before playing a multiplayer game like gmod.

Holy shit.
That is honestly one of the best stories of GMod I’ve ever seen before.
Kinda sucks you didn’t get it on video.

Oh, and this:

It’s actually really funny though

Yeah not funny this is annoying and very dumb. It’s like the first thing a troll does when they encounter gmod.

Also it seems like a dumb server, no admins, no anti spam, etc. So it probably is an idiot nest.

Why can’t you freeze jeeps anymore btw? Sometimes you can but lately it’s impossible to freeze jeeps. It changes so now and then.

I never encounter them…

I am the mingebag.

I too also play the role of the minge. I like to keep you 14 year old pay for admin on your toes.

Isn’t that the only reason to play garrysmod now?

Yeah, dem 14 yr old admins so good!

today one banned me for arresting him when he was money printing outside of the govt. building. 10/10

This video pretty much sums up the majority of what goes on in Sandbox servers… xD