The Most Realistic Role Play Server Ever

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to ask of your help. I need your help to create something to feed the people’s wants. The Most Realistic Garrysmod Roleplay Server Ever created.

 I ask of you, bring me your skills and your love for gaming, and help me create the most elite team of programmer, mappers, material artists,and questioning minds. I want to recruit those who believe they are up to the challenge.

 If you believe you are up to this great endeavor. Post here and I will hopefully contact you within the near Future. 

 For those of you who think this may be impossible, I say to you: The very edges of Space are the only limits we have.

First of all, absolute realism shouldn’t be the aim of any RP server. What you need is just enough realism that the players feel like it could be real. After that you’re pretty free to add whatever you want.

Secondly, this is probably not going to work, seeing as you haven’t said you will be doing anything. You’ll be regarded as an idea guy.

I have noticed that i havent been very specific. but what i aim for is to do this in steps: create the team, create the plan, design it, fix it, release it.

That still doesn’t involve you doing anything, does it now?

The servers more oriented to fun will beat your server, People aim to roleplay for FUN, not live realistically.

Try not to focus on writing /me’s for everything.

you people aren’t getting the idea. this server is supposed to be fun. with added realism. so it seems fun without as much of the game aspect of it.


I don’t know maybe I’m not explaining this properly.

How about this. Roleplay WITHOUT GUNS. HOLY SHIT. Yes.

You would need a serious balancing of the cop class though. And a working economy system.

How about this. No classes, no HUD, all important info must be “included” into the world, or must be easily seen or felt.

Oh, and guns and the like? They should be heavily, HEAVILY regulated. That or just make people not die, thus killing the whole RDM shit.

THANK YOU GUYS. you are the only two here who havent came to put my ideas down. by the way, do either of you have any programming or lua experience

The only people who have any sort of experience or skill at scripting RP gamemodes either already are scripting one for themselves/a community, only script for people they know, or don’t script at all.

You aren’t going to find someone who’s good at it here.

I knew you weren’t gonna make this easy for me. Oh well time toget this thread deleted.

I have a community ( still in development ), as well as a script ( also in development ).

Even though I gotta admit I’m not really interested at all with this.

I’be been playing around with lua, so fare i can split people up in teams, add weapons models and stuff. Very basic.

other than that I can re-skin models.

I’ve been mapping for a good 2 years now.

I would help if you can use me.

Turnkey, welcome to the team. If anyone else is still out there the offer is still on.


You might still find it on And I still have a (probably dysfunctional) copy somewhere, I think.

could we use thatb dysfunctional copy as a base for the new version. without any copyright law suits perhaps

Rick never sued the creator of DarkRP, why would he sue you :smiley:

ok then ill base it off that then

You couldn’t be that good of a developer if you set out to Create and design something you that needs to be fixed in the future…

Perhaps it should have been; Release it, Gather Feedback, Fix it.