The MOST stupidiest admins you've seen in a GMod server?

What was the MOST DUMBEST admins you’ve seen ever?

An example for me, a 12 year old kept bringing me up into a sit and jailed me and said I was dumb

The envy

Oh and he permabanned me like every admin would :drool:

I was playing this DarkRP server and this admin tried to kill me for no reason so I defend myself and kill him and then he bans me for ‘admin disrespect’

I’d permaban you too if i was him :weeb:

most dumbest stupidiest

Omg enough with these posts already.
This isn’t General Discussion, this is crap.
When I go to this section it’s because I want to see what people have to say about the game, what experiences people have been through, interesting insights and so on.
I don’t want to see some kid asking what’s the dumbest admin you’ve ever seen is.
Even though some people might consider this as General Discussion, I consider this as crap. So ye, there’s no crap section, but all that means is that you shouldn’t even post these things in the first place.
There’s a place called “Drop Dead Thread” at “The Bottom of The Forums”, maybe you’ll find your answer there


i am the “stupidiest” admin ever

I recall this time when I hopped on a random gm_construct sandbox server, as soon as I spawned; a younger player with the charred corpse model ran up to me and yelled “This is the guy! Ban him” a Combine Elite guy teleported to me and I was banned.

I still don’t know what happened lmao

I was playing on a TTT server on the Teen_Room map, I was on the Terrorist side sniping from a shelf next to a stack of books. I got head shots on an Innocent and the Detective like my job kinda wants me to me to do. I got spotted due to my head being a TV (With the server shop and all) and was accused of RDM by some 7-9 year old (By the way his parents have no idea how to moderate what their kid plays)… On a TTT Server… While I was a Terrorist… And I got banned… :hammered:

one time i was sprinting/bunnyhopping away from a mugger and an admin who could not be older than 8 physgunned me up to a roof and banned me for speedhacking

Spawned a prop that wasnt frozen, admin walked into it before I could move it, fell on him and took about 5 hp from him.

Perma-banned for prop killing.

Perma banned for “not liking waffles” And remind me again why kids are allowed to become admins on a gmod server at such a young age?

Remind me again why kids should have Steam accounts even at such a young age. Go play Minecraft. :speechless:

Having a Garry’s Mod age limit set at 13 would fix a lot of our current problems, like dupe / save spam.

Yeah just like the 17+ age limit fixed Call of Duty

For serious difference, we would need a 20-25+ age limit on GMod.

There are two problems:
a) Such large limit is ridiculous.
b) It won’t do jack shit anyway.

lmao tons of the best gmod content creators are in their late teens, what an absurd limit.

steam is already at 13 as its age limit

Around 16+ or 17+ would be a better idea.

It’s not like you could reliably enforce an age limit anyway.

You could probably check if the mic volume is above 100 dB, if so mute/ban lol