The motherfucking INTERACTIVE story of Pig-luv <3

So here it is, the continuation of the motherfucking interactive story of Pig-luv<3
I know there are some changes to the actual character, and the initial promo picture I uploaded might be misleading, considering Tits Mcglory is dead… But this will still be an epic comic that your eyes will take pleasure in feasting upon!
Now journey with us as we venture deeper into Pig-luv<3’s incredible universe.

You know what to do!

Binge on beer and cocaine while curled up into a ball under your bed as you muster the courage to find out who could be responsible for kidnapping your [del]spouse[/del]friend.

^What the dalek said

In order to cope with the loneliness our hero goes to the nearest deli, buys all the pork products in it, and builds himself a replacement.

since his pig was taken, our hero decides to pull a Liam Neeson and sets out to rescue his little hammy friend.

Oh man Pig-Luv was my favorite interactive back in the day, hard to believe it’s been four years already.

I agree, Pig-Luv should go to that one sketchy guy’s apartment down the way and see if he can score something, and then whilst rekt out of his brain on said something with the added confidence and recklessness hold up a liquor store for a bit of spending money and booze. After the rest of the night is well spent on coke wanks and drunk dials to ex’s Pig-Luv sets out to find little bacon.

Our hero finishes his beer and eats that bag of Doritos before beginning to look for clues.

Well I kinda forgot to curl him up under the bed and shit, but here it is.]

Guys, what now!?

Your images look compressed.

Yep I fucked up… I don’t have time to fix it unfortunately.
But I will make sure the following content will be of supreme quality!

Thanks for the love guys, it’s amazing getting to work on this interactive again. I really appriciate everyone’s contribution!

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Well I stretched my schedule and fixed the shit. Hope it pleases your delicious eyes!

imgur enjoys compressing images

What’s a better image hosting site? It’s been years since I’ve been uploading images, so I’m kind of out of the loop.

He should go good cop, bad cop on the neighbor, break his neck and go on with searching.

As they’re searching for clues, the hero starts narrating every single one of his actions in a grim, Max Payne-esque monologue, but out loud instead of in his head. He thinks its in his head but he’s spun out of his mind, so everyone looks at him like he’s a freak until he gets on a crowded bus, and he’s finally like “WHY IS EVERYONE GIVING ME DIRTY LOOKS?”

wduwant is really good

Our heroes probably thought it was a good idea to search on a butcher’s house to see if Lil Bacon is there.

it turns out the butcher is obsessed with morgan freeman and is sewing his face onto every pig in his private collection

It’s time to get your shit together Pig-Luv, put on your nicest hat and start the quest.
The first place to find some clues would be the local coffee shop. Besides, might be worth showing off that fancy new hat you just pulled out of nowhere.

When the big bad wolf forgot he sent him to the pig farm


Do your thing guys!