The Mountain is real :O [VIDEO]

We found the mountain and it looked amazing :smiley: It’s like standing on a pile of bodies :smiley:
Come up - you really have to see this _

Dat was so scary, the music fits very well though, Thanks for introducing me to it! :v:

Try to walk up to the highest mountain you see :smiley: its awesome man, there was a massive tower of camp fires before but gone now :smiley:

Well i guess one of these bodies are mine.
I start up there when i connect and the instant i am connected, i loose the connection and the screen is just stuck.

Saw thread title in ‘most popular threads’ and thought it had something to do with Game of Thrones :v

I’m sorry ^.^ I tried to edit it after publishing but yeah…

I walked up to it twice again and the game crashed both times XD Too many people on the same spot…? I don’t know ^.^

they all looked like rust boxes, but i climbed that mother anyway XD

What hapenned with you hands ? Big resolution and fog ??
Soz missmsg

Seems like its gone now xD

Scary flair in the vid :smiley:

One of those bodies is mine lol

I was walking up to what I thought was this in the experimental version when all of the sudden my game suddenly shit the bed and came down to like 10 FPS. I got up there and finally found out why.

I’m sure there are a lot of other places like that :smiley: Will try to find it at some point maybe … it has to be more of them :smiley: