The Music Meister

Don’t ask.

NOTES (this time I think they're needed):

-I don’t know
-I was inspired
-Song from Batman: The Brave and the Bold
-Featuring the voice talents of:
Neil Patrick Harris as The Music Meister
Grey DeLisle as Black Canary (female singer)
John Dimaggio as Gorilla Grodd and Aqua Man
Diedrich Bader as Batman
James Arnold Taylor as Green Arrow (don’t think he is in this song)
and there a few extras I have no clue who they are.
-A hilariously great episode
-Ben watches cartoons… oh no.
-Quite well thought out musical numbers for a animated TV show.
-I probably won’t expand on this any further. Unless a good Batman model comes out that I could screw around with. (Better yet; don’t tempt me)
-I hate cutting characters out and putting them on another page
-There’s bound to be mistakes littering the pictures.
-The video clearly shows my inspiration.

Great posing, music made me laugh, who are crouching in front of him?

Just random models.

Seems slow lately. D:

The guys bowing look a tad strange. Not bad though.

It’s scaring me.

He will eat your soul.