The mysterious broken skybox

A cool dude made me this skybox but there’s something terribly wrong! Oh no!

The problem is he didn’t fix it and now he has gone far, far away. I’ve spent some time looking at the files but I don’t have the skills to solve this mystery.

Here’s all the skybox files:

If you fix it, you get a free skybox!

Terribly low-res.

Anyhoo change “UnlitGeneric” in most of them to “Sky”.

That is odd. It looks fine for me.

Weird. Is that the HDR or regular version?

HDR. Try neds idea, if you are using LDR.

I think the resolution issue might just be an issue with the quality of the screenshot. Perhaps?

No, I opened the VTF’s. And the HDR ones are “Sky” shader, the LDR ones are “UnlitGeneric” shader.

Nope, still purple :\

I glanced through them quickly but check that the $color is the same in all of the ldr vmts?

It’s the same.

Maybe it’s the game you’re running, validate the game files, there might be something missing.

Its a mod.

TH89, try and compile with HDR

I tried that, but the compile failed. The batch compiler does this:

FML :c

Try doing the lightmap thing again. You see that giant area you have, raise the lightmap grid to like 128 or something.

(User was banned for this post ("Not helpful" - TH89))

Bumped it up to 128, plus all the other large surface areas I could find, and I’m still getting the same problem.

Do you have any custom content that isn’t the skybox in the map?

The lamp and ship models, although I’ve had this problem in every other map I’ve used it in.