The Mystery of Detective Dean

I wanted to make a movie poster so I did.

Weird white outlines that were supposed to be a cool lighting effect that failed is also included.


Rated artistic.

where the fuck am i.



to be honest and critical.

isolation is bad and sometimes pixely, the woman has some green outlines around her.

when selecting, select that layer, contract so that it goes in on the character and feather the selection by one pixel and hit your Delete button so it smooths out the edges a little.

Artsy,you pulled off the paint brushed look quite well.

Rated R for retarded.

Not bad Dean.

Have an artistic.

Dean Darko and Robert Cobalt are totally badass names, I gotta say.

Cool poster too.

Where’d that fedora model come from? Looks pretty good.

That’s my fault. When I was taking pictures, the JPEG quality I set was shitty and didn’t bother taking new pictures and posing them all over again.

“Directed by Ridley Scott” lol, cool poster.