The mystery of the dissapearing glasses

Well when I hacked kliener’s glasses onto a citizen model, it turned out perfect. Then I realised a flaw that made it not so perfect… When I take a few steps back, the glasses mysteriously, dissapear! I got so frustrated with this, I decided to delete the model and all the smds… Anyone have any idea why it dissapears?

Does the actual geometry disapear or only the glass texture? If it’s the actual geometry, make sure you didn’t compile with any LOD’s.

I think it has to do with all models losing resolution at far distances. Or something like that. All I know, is that models go down in quality the farther you are from them.

How do I compile without LOD’s?

I mean literally a few steps, 4 tops. I doubt it’s that

It’s in the QC… $lod…

So just delete all the lines with $lod (and of course the following statement) then it should work?


Not a great pose / edit but it get’s the point across that it’s working! Thanks man! Now onto the skinning!