The Mythbusters.

We all love the Mythbusters, right? Well, im here to request that someone make them.
In case you live under a rock, here is the whole team:

It can be a whole model, or just simple reskins of citizens…

Either way, it will be epic win.

Good luck to all.

Yup definately. Jamie for sure. (and a crash test dummy would be cool anyway).

That reminds me, i saw buster somewhere, but he sucked…



There ya go, :smiley: Buster.

** BUSTED! **

My computer kicked the bucket recently, otherwise I’d attempt to start a reskin of this.

For the reskins, I’d suggest:

Adam: Male_02 (with Kleiner’s glasses of course)
Jamie: Male_02 (with custom glasses)
Tory: Male_09
Kari: Female_02 (maybe with new hair…?)
Grant: Male_07 (Male_05 is the obvious choice, but too wide of a face.)

she changes her hair all the time though