The N64 models Request Thread

request N64 Models/Post models ripped from N64 games here

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can anyone rip models from mace the dark age or a stalfos knight from ocarina of time

Well, I have a bunch of N64 models i’d like to be ripped, i just remade them in CB Model Pro.
(not all of them would have to be ripped of course.)

Rocket - from Rocket Robot On Wheels.


Marina - from Mischief Makers


Gex - from Gex


Glover - from Glover 64


Davy - from Chameleon Twist


Bully - from Mario 64


I love that gex model you made nice work im definitely using that for my skin making :slight_smile:

I’ve got a ton of other models i’ve made too, but since this was a N64 thread, i figured i’d only post the 64 characters.

oh cool, hey send me a PM and tell me what other models you’ve got i might be interested in some