The National Guard evacuating and closing down areas as the frontline of the "war" is getting closer

I hate titles


Your screenshots seem to get better and better, keep up the good work!

Woah man, this is great…

I don’t think my work will ever be as good as yours.

neat idea, the sound really gives it more depth which i think is a very cool idea – great job mate. only complaint, and me being me, is that it’s a little bit big. downsizing allows easier viewing, but overall keep up the good work.

very neat

I like the ambiance, adds to the picture.

Good posing and angle, lots happening. lol’d at the soldier in the back of the humvee.

Really nice posing, good angle too!

Man this, with the sounds is pretty damn intense.

The guy holding his wife looks like he broke his arms.

Other than that, it looks okay excluding some broken shoulders on the soldiers.

Thanks guys.

Don’t be afraid to spit out more critisism, nothing more I love.

combat berets