The Nazi Asylum

I don’t know if my posing is good but I did my best.
German soldier looking for survivor but find dead zombies:

No survivor, let’s get the hell outta here:

I have a bad feeling about this:

Posing is ok, but the atmosphere is very dark and empty. Nice attempt.

Edit: If this is a comic, it goes in the comic section, and some of the zombies look copy and pasted.

The posing looks to be pretty good, but the scenes are very bare - empty space works well when there’s a contrast or you’re trying to create dramatic tension in the shot, but here it comes off as just…empty space. Nice use of the lamp in the last shot too - it actually looks like he’s holding a flashlight. Angle in the last two shots reminded me of an over-the-shoulder shooter like Gears of War or RE4. I don’t know if that’s what you were going for, but there it is.

Do you guys know a nice map for that kind of dramatic posing?

The posing on the soldier is decent. Use fingerposing and the posing on the zombies look like shit. Also open the rezised picture -> right click -> open in a new window. Then post the picture link.

How could I improve my Zombie posing, and I used fingerposing on the german.

Don’t forget to turn off your flashlight :cop:

It’s not my flashlight, it’s the searchlight from the soldier, on his torso. It’s in bloo zombies pack.