the need to release server files to public

you guys really need to release the server files to public current hosts are crap

If you don’t like your current host, switch hosts.

use steamcmd for install server for your machine

It does not work. Wrong Branch, or is it? :v:

You know password for this?:slight_smile:

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You can’t install server files through SteamCMD; Garry fixed that.

There’s two servers being hosted right now on south america that after a deep look i noticed they are being hosted LOCALLY. i’m quite positive they found a workarround for that since there are no GSPS allowed to host rust on south america yet.

All server hosts are crappy cause they only allot a few hundred megabytes per server. To put that into perspective, to host a Minecraft server that is heavy moded with Feed The Beast, you need a minimum of 4gb of ram on a dedicated machine. At least 8 to play on the machine hosting the server. And thats with just 2 people playing. They host rust servers with 50+ players on less than a GB of dedicated ram.

It doesnt matter what server host’s specs are on their hardware. The server software is kept to select providers to reduce pirated/cracked servers

Someone probably leaked the server files again.

This is pretty much the number one issue right here, these hosting company’s are so monopolized with rust servers at this moment that they can give you 512 MB of ram and put 8 servers on one machine because of the scarcity of hosts.

Think of this issue as the issue with your local ISP’s, they can offer you piss poor customer support, speeds, and unreliable services because you have no other options