'The 'Neema' Task Force' - Dino's with large guns anyone?



Scenebuild. First fire edit. Not sure about it.
You have to wonder if I haven’t gone overboard on the effects, huh.

That’s…amazing. Seriously, all it needs is Dwarves with light sabers, and sharks with lasers.

Now all you need is more explosions.

Holy Shit! Thats bangin’! Really though, one of the best I’ve seen here in quite some time.

Sweet mother fucking Jesus.

holy shit

the variety of colors in the muzzleflash make it awesome!!

You know what isn’t awesome about this picture?.. NOTHING!

Hehe, this is great, though the muzzleflashes are really bright, you should make them more smokey, other then that the posing and editing is great, also the fire could use a bit more work.

Dinosaurs? That is like so unrealistic.

Kidding:) Awesome work as always. Effects are smash on. Art it must be.

I would kill for some larger sizes. Would love this as a wallpaper.

I would ask where I could find those lost planet models, but I think I’ll pass considering I won’t be able to make anything out of it anyway.

Great work, I like the first one you made more though.

I to would like to know. I’ve searched for the lost planet models for a while and didn’t find anything except one. So I’m guessing they are private or half finished, something like that.

Those models are apart of models already released he inflated the body’s or whatnot just so the guns would show :smiley:



Heh I see you finished your picture.
Nice job as always the dinosaur on the right almost looks real :open_mouth:

Thanks for commenting all!

Yeah, perhaps they are a little too bright. And I’ll defo have to work on the fire editing.

you’ve just started here…

also looks supreme commander 2 inspired

Holy Hell.

The fire is somehow not creating any light, though.

Oh my God.