The Nether

just wanted to let my fellow Rust fans know while the servers are down they should go buy The Nether. urban zombie game. except the zombies are… out of this world, i guess. give it a look. 2 more days left to get into the closed beta.

For me looks like WarZ 2.0 :frowning:

Lol I thought the same after seeing the microtransactions

I’ve signed up for the beta but I’m not buying into something like that. Already looks like a micro transaction game the instant they mention ‘nether gold’.

statement retracted*

still looks like a good game

Anything beats WarZ/Infestation! This nether game looks pretty interesting but i spent my money on rust (Awesome game ;)) I might give this “Nether” a try sooner or later :slight_smile:

this looks like shit

Looks awful, same kind of feel as WarZ. Pops up out of nowhere in a few months and ready for release, little to no marketing, microtransactions and expensive early access prices.

You’re asking to get bit if you buy early access for this.

When will people learn…