The never posted concept: Decay.

A post-apocalyptic concept i wrote for a small community that has never been accepted. Enjoy

I needed to get it in

 tags, but i will give a link to dl the docx.
Useless bonus included

You could’ve put it in quote-tags or something and added a line break after each paragraph. Now it’s not just a wall of text, but a wall of text that has to be scrolled both horizontally and vertically to be read.

As you wish derp

Wow. Good idea, but it kind of looks like a apocalypse RP. There should alaready be colder, since there are MUCH littler number of vehicles.

Awesome, just awesome. I think it should start more like, Stranded gamemode, that you mine and build. Or spawn in a somebodys fort.

It is a mix of post-apocalypse and zombie theme concept.