The new anti-cheating system

Read this people if you haven’t yet

Firstly I’d like to say that I have not been banned, nor do I plan to.

Now, what does this actual mean for us? I mean, will we get banned for our huds, optimization, and other miscellaneous scripts? I honestly don’t have a problem with this, but being banned from all servers for using a a hud or something on a sandbox server seems a tad excessive to me. So if you could shed some light on what exactly is not allowed garry (just saying “Oh cheats and stuff” doesn’t count in this situation) so we can protect our selves from our own stupidity and curiosity, that would be great.

It bans for bypassing SE2, so unless your hud does that, your fine.

i am starting my own server with my own gamemode soon, my question is how can we do more to prevent sethhack to enter our server. Since big community’s have a Anti-sethhack script.

Moronic idiot below is angry.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - mahalis))

You are a fucking moron.

I agree with both Garry and this posers above, but to cut the probability of somone finding a way around it, we must not allow them multiple chances of seeing what gets detected, and ways around it.

Explain, this works for me all the time, why do you think I am a moron?

You rely on the client to supply correct values, that’s dumb since you have to assume that the client knows about your anti cheat and thus can fake the values.


Durr, one method that STILL works.

How would the client know what values to fake? The true values are stored on the server, but hey is you have a better anti cheat, I am sure we would all love to hear it :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize was talking about the required _G and _R count, yeah, they’re on the server, as you can see I posted SERVERSIDE before the code.

i dunno
i just crash the client once i detect them lol
no need to have the server have any say in it

I don’t know if this is possible since I don’t know how exactly how this works, but what if a minge admin on a server with SE enabled sends a script to you, which makes you cheat and gets you banned?

You would have to be even more careful than before of which servers you join. Luckily I’m in Single Player most of the time.

And what’s considered cheating? Bypassing SE?

If the server sent you the file then you’re not bypassing SE, thus you shouldn’t be detected.

You can run Lua scripts on clients without sending files. Think LuaPad.

You are a moron for two reasons:

  1. That script, is bullshit. Even if it does work.

  2. You are now posting public material for Seth Hackers, to work with. To prevent detection.

Never post anti-Seth Hack scripts, for the obvious reason.

If ScriptEnforcer is on you can’t run a file clientside without sending it serverside. Try and SendLua an include to somebody on a file that wasn’t sent to the client, it blocks it.

That’s why gamemodes/addons can get away with including all scripts prefixed with cl_ in a modules or plugins folder without worrying about the client putting a script in that folder clientside to get around ScriptEnforcer.

Again, I’m not talking about running files on the client. Haven’t you ever used LuaPad? It doesn’t use files.

I don’t know the details of how LuaPad works, but surely if LuaPad was installed on a server you could just copy a Lua hack into it and run it, so why would you have ScriptEnforcer on in the first place?

Edit: oh do you mean an admin could enable scriptenforcer, install LuaPad and then force clients to run Lua not on the VFS with SE on thus trying to trick garrys system into thinking they’re hacking?