the new building system has been released to the development branch

Only had 10 mins building time with the new system. it seems ok. the new menu is clear and easy to use.
but on the new menu you need to left click to select an item I think just releasing right button should select the item the mouse is currently over.
other problems like placing pillars I imagine are WIP.

gonna do something big tomorrow see what this new building system can help me create.


i presume the wheel menu.

The sky has fallen.

tried it out, i can’t seem to see the new building system. Is it on experimental?

You have to be on the dev branch under betas

silly me, thanks

meh i really hate how they change the camera sway when hitting something. in 3rd person its so bad. makes you wanna puke. i have to look away when hitting…

and the new building system lolz. not looking good imo i already miss the old system. feels so limited
right now walls etc upgrades by its self. so you really dont build anything. just lay it out and let it does its thing… will get boring fast

I haven’t tried the new building system yet but I can’t see any way that it could be worse than the old one. What got really boring fast was beating your walls for hours at a time with a hammer to upgrade them.

New Building System is interesting. It is definitely a bit awkward at the moment using the new wheel select system, you have to use a keypad, and right click and left click to actually pick an item. I did see the magic auto upgrading system, my though is that you are only in real danger when you are first building your house… which is how it is now… because you have a small amount of time to build and secure before someone tries to invade. This saves you the time of having to beat on a piece, but still leaves you a tad vulnerable at the same time. The cupboard concept is interesting, authorizing and de-authorizing. I hate to be pessimistic, but given the speed hackers right now, it seems like a moot point to worry about securing your cupboard. All and all, the building system has come a long way in a very short amount of time, but from what ive seen, I would be shocked if its ready for prime time on Friday.

We would have never come down from the trees and learned how to use tools if we really had to deal with that kind of exaggerated effect on a regular basis :P, would love to see someone actually move their head like that in rl when doing similar tasks.

I am trying to put my Release server on the dev channel, how do I switch?

Thank you for your help.

I really like the feel of this new system so far. I can already imagine all the time I’ll save changing parts quickly since knowing where what parts on the wheel will become second nature. I could never memorize it in list form, no logic to it in any way I could remember.

Something to note is that pillars don’t seem to be needed for walls at the moment. Or much of anything that I could tell. Ceilings(floors) dont need them either.

I agree, but it should be noted that without the addition of a code to allow leaving your mouse in the middle to select nothing, there would be no option to do so and create an annoying cycle of changing parts unintentionally. In the case of using the hammer, you’d have to keep picking rotate to avoid doing something potentially bad on accident like destroy a wall or convert it to wood from stone.

Releasing right to select does feel more natural, but I found after a couple of days play that it was leading to fuckups. For example, sometimes I wanted to open the menu to see options but not select them - having right click select caused me to select an option by accident.

Yes that’s how it felt last night when i got to build, the left clicking while holding right feels a bit awkward when interacting with the menu, Thor-axe’s idea of a null area would/could work,

I know there is talk of HOTKEYS for actions (on reddit) i.e E to open door, F to knock, this is only an idea but what if you could set HOTKEYS on the pie menu, so say you are in menu holding right mouse and you move you mouse over the KNOCK option Pressing a key (lets say the Alt key) would allow you to enter a HOTKEY for that function, This could be implemented on all action menus like gestures giving us a quick way to setup and use HOTKEYS.

Well had my cup of tea, Now it’s time for work, lol, gonna go play with this new system.

Sad that pillars are back :frowning:
It’s going to make buildings be twice as bug again :confused:

really loving the new build. the radial menus take a little getting used to, but are much more intuitive.

and kind of really like the building hp regeneration thing thats up currently. place the wall, pay out full cost. it builds its health up to full over time, and slows your breaking it down a bit.

wonder if the 2 systems (upgrade levels and autobuild) are going to be together?

also, with all due respect to the current art, i love the simplified “programmer art” of the tier 1 wooden walls. ooh, and the half height point for floors, and the newer stair/ramp piece…and…

anyway, rant over lol. first time in a while that i have felt excited about progress:)

Ok been playing around with the building system and the cupboard (WARdrobe) and the protection radius is not a sphere but a cylinder built a 3 story home put cupboard on top floor and it still protected at the foundation level, but after testing i found that if you are outside the protective ring you can still build within it,

Hope the pic explains it better. we can build about 4 foundations into the protective ring which means that the last 12~ meters of the ring is not safe from grief.

ok the cameras sway is shit have to look away or i have to formit…

and i dont like the new building System very boring give us the old one back please

Oh I just posted a thread about this.

The sway makes it unplayable for me too. Simply cannot watch the screen without feeling ill.

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I didn’t even get to the building stage. Started harvesting and that was it. Nearly threw up from that camera sway and had to quit.