The New CodeHire Discussion

I know some of you are totally going to disapprove this thread for being stupid for selling scripts, but hear me out before dissing.

Seeing CoderHire close down as it did just made me sick. The same week the feedback tab was released, CH closed down. :v:
I look back now laughing at all the things that could have been improved and things that could have been added.

Braden can describe the frustration of seeing countless DarkRP HUDs that are shit with no unique features. And that won’t be a problem soon.
The Moderators released 5 second scripts just because someone bought a license. I look forward to a one time small application of recent work.
Licenses were $15. Because of the application, I see $10.
The mobile version sucked and took 3 months to get updated. You couldn’t even rate in script reviews.

So now after venting about the old and new CoderHire, I’d like to speak about the future of it.

There are developers out there who are looking forward to a new CoderHire, they wish to sell their scripts and get money for their hard work.
Those who have bought said scripts will be given access to download updated versions of the script through the author.
Previous CH Licensing included several legal documents to contain private information and the safety of scripts. Those contracts and licenses will be taken care of once we get things started.
I have all the necessary resources and funds to help run it, I’m just looking for some energetic people to help start it up with me.
I’m not a Superman Adam Burt0n, but I’m skilled with the general knowledge of a CoderHire-like website; I just need some support.
If you know more than me about PHP, Networking, and PayPal, please reply below!

I thank you all for taking time to read this and any supportive comments and criticism about this post would be greatly appreciated.

This really doesn’t need a thread; this can either be discussed on the Coderhire forums or in the Coderhire thread. Until further notice, the Hire a Coder thread will replace Coderhire.

Don’t do scripts. Or require scripts to be full gamemodes/admin mods.

Honestly, I would prefer if Facepunch had a section in the Garry’s Mod forum where people could make requests for things like models, gamemodes, scripts, and coding jobs. Formal applications would be put out there, and it would bring back a sense of unique customization within the community. If people could just hire developers on Facepunch, it would defeat the purpose of CoderHire.

I’m banned from CoderHire temporarily for calling Adam a faggot. Real professional right? Not going to lie it was late at night and I was giving another coder rep with #CoderHireDeath #adamaisafaggot
Also, the Hire a Coder thread looks more to me like jobs when the new coderhire in bringing up is for the homeless scripts after September 30.

And Ott, I’m not understanding what you’re saying. Things like the Automated Donation System and the Battlefield Scoreboard are allowed to be sold. Things like the Simple DarkRP HUD that was just recently released on CH will not be allowed. First two purchases were 1 star reviews.

Give up.

Like I said to code_gs, my main focus is getting a website up for developers to sell their scripts that were pre made. There’s already like 20 places to post requests for jobs.

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lol I suppose you’re CyB Steeze, what happened to your desire of selling scripts? Saw the announcement and lost hope?

No seriously… Give up. Can’t see many people wanting to work with someone with the maturity level of a twelvie.

I just posted my reply to that earlier lol late at night and I wanted to see if Adam was still watching. I love Adam and I don’t think he’s a faggot for a guy who made Pointshop and Coderhire. Yes I was banned for it and I honestly don’t care about your opinion when it was clearly a joke.

Still a twelvie…

keep your fucking drama out of this thread, it’s not even relevant to the topic.

Please, for the love of god, stop making new threads about Coderhire.