The 'New Eden Mall' sign from Mirror's Edge

Somebody’s ported the ragdolls, so isn’t this possible?

I need the big New Eden Mall sign perched atop of the big building, it’s the big “Ne” sign.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s in the pic:

I thought porting props wasn’t possible because of some unique -enter graphical blabber here-.

I heard it was because of UV maps or something. I wouldn’t know for sure though.

Why would you even need to port this? The most inexperienced modeller could nearly recreate it with the text tool in 3D Studio Max.

Porting from Mirrors Edge is possible, but it requires extra work that no one likes doing.

The problem lies with the fact that Dice used multiple UV sets for 99% of their models. Umodel can only export static/skeletal meshes with their first UV set. Well, unfortunately, the first UV set is used for the lighting engine or something, not for the model’s texture. I’ve ported a few weapons, but I had to take the diffuse map and rip it apart and re-arrange it so it roughly matched the UV map. It doesn’t come out perfect either.

This is definitely a very simple model. Any decent modeler could recreate it pretty accurately. It’s just that not many people are outgoing enough to do so. I’d try and port it if I still had Mirrors Edge installed.

So I was actually right?!

Well can you recreate it? I have no modeling experience.

Uh I could try and fail. I started modeling like last year but I never actually progressed with it. I mean if I actually dedicated my time to making the model, I could probably do it.

It’s just that I don’t want to. :downs:

Sort of.