The New Employer Is Making Some Friends

comments!!! :argh:

Horrible font. Posing looks off.

what means “posing looks off”?
im not a genious of english

Fuck you!

I’m on work right now and thanks to you I stated laughting and everyone is now staring at me.

Hahaha man, I lol’ed, great execution, the text + predator in a suit made my day.

hey thanks!!!

Haha nice


brings back memories shit! that made my day

predator old movies ftw

funny. I watched the movie yesterday

I like the faceposing.

good pic
you should do one with the alien.

maybe :slight_smile:

Nice one. You should do more like that.

i think i should, when i try to make a serious pose, it comes out wrong :frowning:



i almost forgot the reference

hahah, this is good, i love it

And the Predator died if I remember correctly.

Who’s your daddy now, scorpion face.

who knows, the predator before die just lol’ed remember?
if im going to die i wont laugh :[

posted on avp3 predator forum :slight_smile: