The New Gmod?

How will the next garrys mod change the way we build.

Garrys Mod ² - Science Simulator

The next generation building game made for the new source engine upgraded for HL3

Vast improvements to physics engine including:
True Water Physics / Hydrodynamics
Air-flow Fluid Dynamics / Aerodynamics
Electronics / Electromagnetism
Etc. . .

Q - Menu Example

Wire mod will be replaced with real electronic circuitry
E2 with computer chip
Custom Vector Based Props

Paint custom props with painting utility and create new exciting materials
Easy map creation with wizzard mode for terrain and houses.
Enhanced multi player low lag 128 slot servers on class m sized maps
Prop binding - joining props at wire level so multiple props really do become singular props
All new tool set

What changes would you like to see in the next gen garrys mod?

Cool contraption.

4 minutes faster

you sound like one of those “in the future” shows saying everything will be improved 10,000-fold within the next year but, of coarse are terribly wrong

In the year… 2000!

nah, gmod 12* will prob be for half life 3 but that is years away.

I would hope it has realistic properties for objects like denting etc, which would be awesome, you could like build a machine shop 2 shape ‘props’ like build a lathe so you can shape a part for a contraption. I think wire mod is good how it is now, a circuit sim would probably screw things up, wire gates are already basically circuit sims, just removing all the parts with a circut and just making it complete its function, why would you want anything else?

oh and water physics, so freaken keen for a game with real water physics (done well) oh and ground/ dirt physics would be cool, dig me a hole

how bout i dig you a grave and throw you in it instead

garry knows nothing of engineering of that degree; i doubt this will happen.

lol garry sits at home infront of an open fire, smoking a cigar and laughing about how he made a zillion dollars by modding some1 elses game

i want mossman to have even more health

That would be so awesome, but the source engine isn’t anywhere near capable of doing some of the things you’d like, and by the looks of it, Garry isn’t planning on switching to an engine that can support that and have to pay $500 000. I havn’t even heard of a game with dynamic water support, it just requires so much proccessing. I know there’s a few mods that add physics to some particle effects to create the illusion of dynamic water, but the max you can fill is about a bathtub, not a whole body of water.

Most games create the illusion of dynamic water through a script that emits particles from say, a pipe, then raises the water level to create the illusion that the pipe is filling the room with water. Actual water that is truly dynamic, in such a way that full physics is applied to it, is just too much for any computer without a dedicated physics card.

What you want with wiremod is simply to add lower level control over creations, but just how many people that are gmod developers actually have the skills to manipulate electricity in simulations on such a low-level?

All of this would be interesting, but I doubt Garry’s up to such a huge switch, and I can’t blame him. Years of work to get Gmod where it is, only to re-code it in an entirely new engine, making all previous mods incompatible, we’d be back to Gmod V1.

where would the fun be then… anyone will start make these sick über thing, and all the simple fun of making a catapult out of cars and fire i pole is gone :frowning:

Stop saying Gmod 11,12,13, They’re all basicly Gmod fucking 10.

Those things already exist, but they aint games…

Pretty much a mix between Garry’s Mod 11, Little Big Planet, and Jesus. I want that.
But then you’re getting awful close to life in a box O.o
About the water physics speech, it doesn’t have to be real molecular physics, only some kind of calculations, like using: The water’s speed (something something) gravity being applied (something something) landing area, calculating the force put upon that particular spot, and the value (how much water there is, which adds on water contact, and subtracts by object contact depending on the area of the contact, drawing a line <that cuts the value> from that point to the closest opposite point in the water cluster <smallest gap>) Just have that value have a mass and force connection between them.

I have no idea what I’m talking about either, just go play in your swimming pool >=/

Water physics is normally a bunch of interactions between points/spheres which are then rendered with a surface, which true is very hard on processors but by the time that we get half life 3 pc will in all likelyhood be well up 2 the job. I mean 10 years ago I never could’ve imagined what pc can do now. My first pc I got in 2003, and it had standard 256 mb of ram (ddr1)- but I remember seeing a pc with a gig and that was just madness

My family got a computer when I was 8, it ran Windows 98 and had a 6 gig hard drive with 64 mb of ram, I tried running it a year ago and smoke came out the back, true story.

anyways, how does this thread belong in Contraptions, and I’m sick of people saying Garry’s Mod needs an update anyway.